Friday, December 29, 2006

A Week in Review...Almost

Here is Mommy's gingerbread house she made, inspired by Martha Stewart. Daddy calls it the "Gingerbread Unibomber's Shed." It really is bad isn't it? I just hope she lets me eat it!

Here, I am desperately waiting to get to my Grandparents so it can be Christmas.

Before Daddy gave Mommy her camera for Christmas, he took a few pictures of the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center in NYC.

Enjoying my Dingo beefy rawhide treats after opening my stocking:

Here I am trying to play with my cousin. He's only two months older than me! I think we could be good friends!

He giggles an awful lot!

More pictures may follow later!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Scary Christmas Excitement

Yikes, too much excitement is not good! While everyone was eating, I was sent to my bed in a room on the opposite end of the house from everyone. Now, does that sound like a place for a pug to be on CHRISTMAS? I didn't think so. I protested, but no one listened to me. No amount of barking or banging around in my crate could have changed that. Trust me, I tried. Nearly two hours later (maybe less than that, but it sure felt like forever), Mommy came back and let me out.

When she returned, she saw me with bubbled drool all over my face. I was fine, but she didn't know that. I wasn't about to tell her either because I wanted her to feel bad for making me stay in my crate. After wiping off my face and sending me outside with Daddy to take care of my business, she returned to my new but now completely soaking wet bed. That scared her, because she could tell that it was not urine. Mommy was scared that I got into something that was toxic. After some research and talking with her cousin (who studied Animal Science in college), Mommy learned that too much excitement can cause excessive drooling in dogs.

(I'm laying in my new bed..Oh, and my postman is waving "hello")

I felt badly for Mommy so, I decided not to lay around and act sick. I ran around the house with the rest of the kids-including my 13 month old cousin.

I am sick though: Mommy took me to the vet and I have a bacterial AND yeast infection in my ear-but, it's mostly yeast. We're not sure what caused it. I went to a new vet, one I've never been to before. It was scary. The stuck things in my ears to look at it and I got a cortizone steroid shot. They even clipped my nails (but, they're better at it than Mommy and Daddy).

My Uncle was at his vet the same time I was at mine. We both got shots, but I'm lucky, I didn't get any shots in my behind. He's got a peritonsilar abscess that has completely closed off one side of his throat. I hope he gets better soon!

My Very First Christmas!

So much for having a white Christmas this year. Maybe next year. It was awfully wet, rainy and muddy. It didn't really feel like Christmas when you went outside, but inside my Grandparent's house-it was really Christmas.

I had a great Christmas! Mommy and Daddy and I celebrated Christmas on Saturday before we left for the country. I got a new bed, a harness and a new Fat Cat toy: the Angry Kitty. I really like my bed. Mom and Dad leave it out of my crate so I can sleep in it when I'm tired. I won't go in my bed if it's in my crate 'cause then they might shut the door. That ruins all my fun.

Christmas is so much fun..and tiring...and exciting, but so worth it! We spent the day at my Mommy's parents house where her four little brothers still live (they're all under the age of 17-so no dead beats yet). I was so excited that when Grandpa let me out of my crate, I ran all through the house barking, "It's Christmas, it's Christmas!" I must be awfully special because I was the first boy downstairs. No one is aloud to go downstairs until everyone is ready! We open up our stockings, then we eat breakfast-usually cinnamon rolls-and then we get to open our presents!

It was so much fun watching my uncles open presents. I was hoping they'd get some treats and share them with me. They did get some treats in their stockings, but they said they'd be bad for me.

I even had my own stocking: I got three different dingo treats. They are like mini rawhide bones. Two packages were meat flavored and one is supposed to be minty and good for me. I kept trying to dig my nails into them until Mommy finally got the hint and gave me one. I got to eat the beefy dingo and one of the dental sticks.

Grandpa and Grandma H gave me a pig hoof and the Fat Cat postman toy. He's my favorite. Actually, I really like the hoof, it smelled so bad and tasted so good. It's been missing since Saturday and I can't find it. Grandma lost it and I'm not sure that it was an accident. I think it's pay back time. Yellow carpet maybe? I thought it was rude to give a gift to someone and then take it away? I think Mommy may have something to do with this too....hmmm....

Friday, December 22, 2006

Can Anyone Say 'Consolation Gifts'?

Mommy and her bright ideas. I tell you! I know now that when I see peanut butter, I need to run like the wind. Sad thing is, I really love peanut butter not bleeding to death. Mommy thought that since we're going to the country in a few days and since my nails are long past trim time, that it seemed like a good time to get the peanut butter and nail clippers out. I saw the peanut butter and knew what was going to happen.

I attacked the peanut butter spoon, hoping to finish it all before Mommy started the clipping. It didn't really work. I resorted to squirming and whining. That didn't work. I tried screaming and squeeling like I was dying but, that didn't work. I even sneezed peanut butter into Mommy's face. I aimed straight for the eyes!

Mommy and Daddy laughed, so i thought I was free. Then they tightened their grip on me. So, I wiggled some more. That deffinitely did NOT work. In fact, that's why I'm practically missing a toe nail. I SCREAMED. It really scared Mommy, but I seemed OK. It really hurt just for a moment, but don't tell her that. Then, after a moment, the blood started squirting out of my paw. They didn't even notice at first.

So, I hopped around the house. Next thing I know, my Mommy is crying and I'm being swept away-still oozing. They stuck my paw in this grainy powdery stuff called styptic that's supposed to stop the bleeding. WRONG. They thought it was clotted but it wasn't. So, I got a bath. Fun. The whole time Mommy is profusely apologizing for this drama that unfolded at midnight. Geez, how many times can you be sorry?

Everything's OK now-was the thinking. So, they let me loose. Loose to bleed all over the carpet again. Then, I was wisked away again. This time, no more styptic powder. Flour. Anyone want to bake a cake with me?

After barracading me in the kitchen and dredging my paw in flour for a number of times, they finally decided enough was enough. There was nothing more that could be done. They dredged my paw one last time and put me in my crate and gave me three treats. Three treats!! I wasn't happy about not being able to sleep with my parents. Especially since I just needed a lot of love. But, they weren't sure I was done clotting. Plus, I got three treats!

Mommy feels badly. We won't tell her it only hurt for a second. She cried a lot, but she blames it on the fact that she was already emotionally distraught from watching the Cinderella Man. Who cries during a boxing movie? Sometimes, I really wonder who the real child is in my family. In fairness too, Mommy really wasn't sure how badly hurt I really was. She thought the styptic powder would clot my nail right away. In the end, it looked like a murder scene in our apartment. Actually, Daddy looked like the murder scene. He's the one who kept transporting me through the house. He could have passed for either suspect or victim.

This morning, I'm fine. Ready to start a new day and wait for my consolation gifts!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dear Santa,

I hope you are staying warm up in the North Pole. I hope you are checking your list twice, because I have been very well behaved lately and so I think I deserve lots of presents. Ask my Mommy. She will agree. So, I was told that if I am a good boy and I write you a list of what I want for Christmas, that I will get my wish.

Santa this is what I want for Christmas:

1. Rawhide bones-gives me an excuse to chew and eat

2. More treats-although, I still have a box full

3. More toys-I can always use more toys, but Mommy thinks I need more "play by myself toys"

4. Harness/Halter-

I need this Santa. This way Mommy won't choke me when I tug on the leash

5.The spiderman name tag-If I get lost then people will know who I belong to. Plus, it's spiderman and he's cool.

6. A new bed-I've greatly outgrown my baby bed. Any of the following will do:

7. A Pet hampster. Boy, that would be so much fun! I'd name im Harry. I promise I'll feed him and take him out everyday.

I think thats all I want. I could use more sweaters and tee-shirts, but last time I wore a sweater I got made fun of by my Mommy and Daddy's friends. Actually, Mommy is the one who got made fun of. Anyway.

I promise I will continue being a good boy!


Oscar Wolfgang the Ferocious Pug

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jingle Pet Song

In the spirit of Christmas:

Jingle cats!

I was going to say something like: Cats are usually such dignified animals, so why would they create a video like this and humiliate their species? Then I heard that there is a Jingle Dogs video somewhere. However, I am sure that it will be much better than this one.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Last Weekend (part 2)

We finally arrived at the family's house. It was nicely decorated for Christmas. Not a square inch wasn't covered by some sort of Christmas decoration. It really put me in the Christmas mood! Which, is in seven days!! I can't wait till Santa Claus comes!

Anyway, I got to meet my Aunt Peg for the first time. She lives in Hungary. I really wasn't sure about her at first. Although to be fair, she doesn't really like dogs either. Anyway, I heard the she gets called "Pugsley,"and "Pug," and Mommy told me that this man calls her "Pig." She said that is because he is from New Zealand, but what significance that has I do not know. So, I was really confused because those are names you would call a Pug. I wasn't sure if she was a pug or not. She's related to Mommy so she has to be human. Does that mean she's a human pug? Does she have a curly tail? I also thought I might be afraid of her because Mommy said she gets surprised her eyes practically pop out of her head. If you're needing an analogy think Barney Fife from "Andy Griffeth."

Well, I found out she is fully human and not part pug or pig. I tried to respect her personal space and I left her alone for the most part. I didn't want to startle her and have her eyes pop out. I think I'm too young to see that. Sometimes,I'd go say "hi" to her and that usually seemed OK. Actually, I'm not sure she knew what to do, but since

The rumor is: She kind of likes me. It's supposed to be a secret too. So don't let her know that I know that she kind of likes me. I mean, how can you resist a cute little face like this one:

This Past Weekend (part 1)

My Mommy doesn't listen to me and I'm sure glad she doesn't, otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten that treat. You see, on Friday, since Daddy was out-of-town,Mommy and I left to go back to the country to visit our family. Oh, and Mommy went to a wedding too. Anyway, back to my story. I was really excited to leave. I was looking forward to playing with my Uncles and running around the four acre yard till my body ached or till I was too tired to stay awake(which neither will stop me).

We were already getting a late start. Mommy hoped to leave around 9:30 am., it didn't help that we went back to bed after Daddy left. Blah. We more or less got up around then. Mommy packed up the car, I jumped in and we pulled out of the apartment parking lot. Then, she turned the wrong way! I couldn't believe it! "Where do you think we're going?! You're supposed to go the other way!" I barked.

She pulled up to this big square beeping machine. She put a card in it, and pressed some buttons which beeped every time they were touched. It sounded like a space robot. Then it gave her some money and her card back and we drove off. And if earning money wasn't enough, she had to go spend it.

She drove up to another square box only this one talked instead of beeped. She spoke to a machine and the machine spoke back to her.Weird. Then we pulled up to the window and she got her coffee. Makes me wish I had a robot that would carry out my orders. I saw the lady in the window and I wanted her attention so I viciously barked at her. It worked, because she handed Mommy a nicely sized dog treat. Not to small and not to big. Mommy thought it was a nice distraction for me so she could get her coffee and change without me jumping all over her.

I guess we will now be forgoing our Starbucks for road trips and instead go to Caribou Coffee. Fine with me, I love treats.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Fun! Blog Tag!

So, I've been tagged by my friends Duke and Gidget and Scrappy. Now you're probably wondering-"How do you play tag on a blog?" Well, it's more like, someone tags you and then you follow their directions on what to blog about. Today, it's Christmas tag so I am to write about three things I want for Christmas and three things I don't want for christmas.

Three Things I Want For Christmas:
1. A personal backyard so I can run and play without supervision-or Mom chasing me around telling me to "come" because that is no fun
2. Lots of treats! Come on Mr. Vet. pugs are supposed to be fat!
3. I wouldn't mind another rawhide bone, seeing as how those will occupy me for hours when I'm bored. Plus, it's edible unlike this new boring bone I have.

Three Things I Don't Want For Christmas
1. To go to the big dog park to be mauled by a husky and shar pei.
2. To go on another diet. Again, pugs are supposed to be a bit round in the middle.
3. For Mommy to stop yelling at me when I try to eat..I the mail. Yes, for Mommy to stop yelling at me when I read the mail. I'm only trying to keep up with what's going on in my parents world.
4. To have Mommy stop shoving me around in the bed when I'm sleeping with her and Daddy. It really disturbs my sleep!

OK. I need to tag five people and Duke and Gidget tagged some of the people I was going to tag. I'm tagging Mylo. I hope he's feeling better, he just ate a lot of yarn. Mary Margarate O'Brien, she's a pretty little lady. Bailey; Cairo, he's kind of funny. Puggy's World, he's an older pug. I look to him for wisdom sometime. He's also from Singapore and I think he calls his parents Fat Fat. I'm not sure.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Alright, who's idea was it to put this itchy thing on me?

Fine, you can take my picture; but, I better get a treat for this!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You and I

I'm on TV! Well, I'm not, but a pug just like me is. Thanks to Olgivy and Mather, who have a great understanding of the pug breed, utilized our need for constant human companionship to create a great advertising campaign for Hutchison Essar (Hutch), a telecom company in India. This ad campaign was created three years ago and is still aired today. After it was aired, the price of pugs went up!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's Christmasy Here!

Last weekend Mommy and Daddy put up our christmas tree and decorated the tree and the house! I love the burgandy and gold colors and all the pretty white lights! It makes me feel cheerful..and curious!

Mommy says that if I am a good boy, Santa Claus will come bring me presents and treats on Christmas Day! What fun that would be! I'll have to work extra hard at being good! I might even have presents already! I can't wait!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Under the Misteltoe

Because Mommy is in advertising and because TBWA/Chiat Day is one of the largest and most prestigious ad firms in the world-I present to you the following spot:

To my young puppy readers: parental supervision is advised. ;)

Friday, December 08, 2006

It's About Time!

Finally, they left! Now, Mommy and I have the house to ourselves. No more clunking and banging around with scary tools. I don't know what Mommy's deal was. She acted like nothing was wrong. I kept barking, "Mommy! What's wrong you with you? Can't you see this is not the time to be baking cookies or catching up on celebrity news?! Can't you see we've been invaded?!" But noooooo she doesn't listen to me! She didn't seem to care, and now all she wants to do is take a hot bath. Apparently, humans have to have hot water. Ugh. That was stressful. I think I'll take a nap. Wait! What's that noise?! Someone is blasting loud music. I've got to go investigate!


Help! Now there are two strange men in my territory! I don't know what to do. They are sitting in the utility closet making all sorts of loud scary sounds! They've got these strange looking tools, with pinchy and pointy things on the end, one of the tools they have makes this strange, hot fiery light when the button is pushed. Others have huge flat metal heads. I don't like these tools. They look scary-they look like they'd hurt if someone touched me with them. There are wires all over too and ohh...what's this? It's small and pointy..looks like a nail. Hmm...I'll have to keep this in mind. I don't know what to do about these guys....I have to protect Mommy. I guess all I can do is run around and bark at them, make them know who's boss around here!
I don't like this. Something doesn't feel good to me. Yesterday this man came in our house and banged around in our utility closet. Mommy wouldn't let me go near him and she held me the whole time he was here. He was only here for five minutes-not even that. Then later in the evening, another Man came..twice. He banged around in our utility closet too. Each time, I got locked up in the room upstairs. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but when company comes, don't I get to say "hi?" I usually get to stay downstairs with the company. Today, the same man came and Mommy locked me up in the bedroom upstairs. This man makes a lot of noise too...and he made a nice mess for me clean up after. He tracked in dirt-yummy. I think he's still going to come back because he left the utility closet open and his tools are still here. Hopefully this time, Mommy won't shut me up in the bedroom.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I thought I was in for a treat when Mommy put my new sweater on me, grabbed my leash and her purse and ran out the door. I thought with the slightly warmer weather that we were going to the dog park, however I was sorely disappointed. Rather than leave me in my crate all afternoon, Mom thought it would be fun to take me a long. I didn't mind because I enjoy car rides, that is if I can go to the stores too. Instead, I got locked in the car for 5-10 minutes while Mommy went from store to store to store. This went on for four hours. So, for four houses I barked to protest me being left alone in the car. I also got tired of barking at all the pedestrians. It becomes pointless after awhile too. Nobody seems to understand dog for "Hey! You over there! Come here! Come pet me! Get me out of this car!"

I did get to go to college today. Sort of, again, I got left in the car at the Starbucks parking lot while Mommy tried to sell back her school books. Again, no one came to pet me or rescue me from the huge prison I was left in. Mommy and I were going to take a walk on the Oval on The Ohio State campus, but we didn't have time.

Yaaawwwwnnn! I gotta go take my nap.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Talking Dogs

I'll just let these guys do the talking for me..

Monday, December 04, 2006

Oscar Playing With Kitty

This is a video of me playing with Kitty. Sorry for all the background noise and poor video quality. It's not good enough to show, but I'm going to anyway.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Feline Friend

Meet my new friend Kitty. I met her at my Grandparents' farm. She is a calico who was taken in because her owners couldn't keep her after they moved. Kitty was an outdoor cat, but today Grandma C. let her in the house because Grandpa C. was not home. I got to play with Kitty while she was in the house. I met her out in the yard before she came in the house, but it wasn't until she was in my territory that we became friends...I think. I'm still trying to figure out if she liked me or not. I'm glad we were able to get pictures of us together.

A few days after I went back home to the city, I found out Kitty died. She was killed after a car ran her over one night. I will always remember her for she was my first feline friend. She will always remain my special friend regardless of how she felt about me.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a time of celebration with family and friends, is just around the corner. Families are preparing feasts that are sure to make a dogs mouth water and the buttons on their human's shirts to pop. In order to kick off my Thanksgiving holiday I am going to list the things I am thankful for the most.

My Happy Thanksgiving Thanks List:
1. I'm thankful for my indestructable "Suspicious" chicken created by Fat Cat, Inc. Without that, I'd have no toys to play with right now. Not only that, but I'd have no way of transferring my slobber onto my Mommy. Nor would I have anything to shove in her face or distract her when she tries to study.

2. My Daddy and Mommy. I am glad that I was adopted into such a great home.

3. ALL of my Grandparents and Uncles! They give me a lot of love and attention. There is also a lot of space for me to run! With or without my collar!

4. The dog park. I like to make a new friend every once-in-a-while and I love to run around and chase the other dogs. Even if they aren't chasing me.

5. The King size bed in my parents room. I'd rather sleep under the covers there rather than in my crate. It's much warmer and cozier.

What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving Dinner for Your Dog
The holidays are here which means many people are spoiling their pets. Perhaps this is through buying them new toys, clothes, or by feeding them human food. Since dogs love to be spoiled we would not turn down anything including human food. The more better. Well actually, more is not better.

For one, dogs have very sensitive stomachs and often-times we can't digest certain foods. We are usually used to eating the same food or at least the same type of food everyday. Any minor adjustment in what we eat can cause some unpleasant consequences in which our humans would be required to clean up or smell. Either case it is not pretty.

Second, some food is just not healthy for us to eat. For instance bones and turkey skin. Bones can sometimes splinter and will make our insides hurt. It can tear up or block our gastrointestinal tract. Turkey skin is filled with a lot of fatty acids that are hard for us to digest properly.

Just make sure that before you feed your dogs and Thanksgiving leftovers to do your research. Grapes and onions seem harmless, but it fact can be very dangerous to your beloved dog. If you decide to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for your dog, try to prepare it in advance. For instance, separate a little pile of mashed potatoes for your before you prepare it with the butter, salt and sour cream or whatever great stuff you put in it.
Thanksgiving Tips Your Dog Will Thank You For

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Woman Tricked Me

Mommy enticed good behavior out of me today by saying that we were going to go for a car ride. I thought we were going to go somewhere fun. Nope. I sat in the car while Mommy made a few quick errands. Then, we went to PetSmart. Finally the fun begins. I like going there. I was so excited to get out of the car that I got my leash caught on something in the car. So while Mommy was trying to get me loose I kept tugging on my leash trying to get out of the car. At the same time I tried to escape, Mommy unhooked my leash off of whatever it was stuck on and it slipped out of her hand. At this time, I bolted out of the car into the parking lot. This caused Mommy to step on my leash in order to catch me. In return it caused my collar to snap in half. I'm Free! I ran around the parking lot sniffing medians filled with mulch and grass. I was excited to explore my new surroundings. Mommy on the other hand was not so happy with me. She finally caught me when I went over to say "hi" to another canine friend. Again, I was careless. After Mommy caught me she took me into the store. Where, I got my nails trimmed. I was NOT a happy dog. I did get a new collar, but not the one Mommy and I liked. The one we liked was too big, so we got a cheaper one till we find the one we both like. The big lesson learned today: No more car rides.

I can't tell if Mommy really loves me after all or if she is having a hard time doing so. I say this because she took me to the dog park where I got harrassed by a huge bull mastiff puppy and bit in the hiney by a husky, whom I bit right back.

I know she took me there because she wanted me to have fun. But, I can safely say I was not enjoying it. Finally a few little dogs came to play, but after the big dog fight I got involved in (twice), I did not want to play. So we went home.

I hope we go back soon just not when the husky and mastiff are there. I have to go. Mommy is calling me.

Did somebody say car ride?

Monday, November 20, 2006

In the Dog House

Mommy just came home from her PR class at the now completely, littered OSU campus. It's about time. She didn't feel very guilty leaving me locked up in my crate while she ran errands and went to class.

I was bad today. Mommy was taking the trash out today when I snuck out of the apartment. Her arms were full with the trash and other items. I looked at it as an opportunity. Hey, I've been cooped up a bit lately now that the weather is getting colder. Can you blame me?

I was so happy to be outside-I ran all around the parking lot near where we live. Normally when I get out I stick close to my parents. One of the Middle Eastern families who live here were out and I ran over to them and scared one of the women. I was just trying to say, "hi" but I don't think she wanted to say "hi". She threw her diet coke at me. Thankfully, with my quick reflexes, I narrowly escaped having to take a bath. Mommy chased me around while I was obstinate and ignored her unhappy "Come here"s. The man and the other women with her were laughing. I think they were laughing at my Mommy's foolish attempt to catch me. Ahhh...the things I do for laughs.

Mommy tried apologizing for my unruly behavior, but I don't think they understand. Arabic might come in handy for her after all. I finally started to wear down and I got careless. Mommy caught me and threw me in the house while she finished her outdoor chores. Then I got put in my crate and she left. At least I got to run around for about 15 minutes AND she left Animal Planet on the TV for me.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mommy gave me this crunchy yellow stick thing called a carrot. I had to play with it first. Playing with new toys or treats is my form of inspection.

I'm busy being cool. Now leave me alone.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Reason Why Dogs Bury Their Bones

I say that anything that falls to the floor, or within easy reach on a table, chair or desk is fair game for me to chew or eat if I happen to be given the chance. Well, this thin card appeared out of nowhere and so I picked it up with my mouth and carried it to my private chewing spot on the other side of the dining room table. I chew there because it buys me a few more seconds since Mommy and Daddy can't get to me that easily. I liked this new prize. It was thin, crispy and parts of it were bumpy. It was a treat for my senses. I laid there chewing when I heard the dreaded call come from somewhere upstairs, "Oscar! Where are you? Come here!" So, without thinking I ran upstairs with the card in my mouth. I got yelled at and the credit card was taken away. Not my lucky day. I thought I found something special. I almost punched enough holes in it so that I could eat it. Next time, I'll have to bury my new treasures.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Next Trick!

The French just think they are sooooo smart! least this French pug is! This is Francois Le Pug from

I'm going to have Mommy teach me how to do this..that is if she can stop cleaning and studying and pay attention to me FOR ONCE!

Click on the title to view.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

To Live on the Edge!

Whoa, Dudes! Check this out!

I'm glad I live a boring life! Woof!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mommy was going to take me to the dog park tonight because it's Halloween and the weather was nice. But now, not only does it get dark too early, but it's really rainy and nasty outside.

I was hoping we would get trick-or-treaters so I could get some treats. But, Mommy said that's not how it works. How would she know, she's never been a puppy.

Oh well. I've just been lying around and sleeping all day. I'm still recuperating from my big weekend. I think I can sleep all week!

Happy Howl-o-ween!

I've had a pretty big, but fun weekend! We went to the country where I got to see my grandparents and my uncles. It was so much fun!

Mommy entered me in a costume contest at their Petco. I didn't win anything, though.The two sets of winners were Dorothy and the Scarecrow from "Wizard of Oz" and then a Bride and Groom. They did give me some awesome treats! They gave me these sandwich cookies that smell and taste so good! I think Mommy is jealous.

I dressed up as a police officer. I should have made Mommy dress up too, then we might have won. Everyone still thought I was the cutest dog there! Grandma H and Grandpa and Grandma C and all my Uncles were there to see me. Daddy didn't go-I think he was embarressed for me, but there was also a football game on tv.

Then on Sunday, I got to go to a cook-out! My Uncle Dan's and Uncle Mike's youth group was having a fall party at my Grandparents. I got a lot of attention!

I didn't know what was going on, at first. There was this big fire which kind of scared me. I didn't know what it was other than the fact that it was big and hot. Then, all of these people came. I didn't know who they were so I barked and growled at them. I had to act tough, especially since I was in my uniform. But then, I realized these people were bringing food and therefore, they were my friends. At least thats what I thought, until I realized they weren't going to give me any. So, then I continued to bark and growl at them.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Too big, Too Small

I'm a 9 month old Pug. I can't still be sleeping in the same bed that I slept in since I was 6 weeks old. I think it's time for an upgrade. Yep, it's time to get rid of the small, grey crate pads and upgrade to the Mercedez-Benz bed from

If I had this bed, Mommy and Daddy wouldn't have to bribe me to go to bed anymore! There is even a zip-off cover to make it easy to clean-which is ideal, now that I'm losing my puppy hair.

Midterms? Eehh...Who Needs 'Em?

Well, I've already decided that I do not like whatever this midterm thing is that Mommy keeps talking about. She is supposed to be playing with me; not gluing her face in books. I've done everything I can think of to get her attention. I've jumped on the coffee table, tried eating her study notes(which she didn't seem to like) and I've tried shoving my "indestructable" chicken in her face(which she also doesn't seem to like).

I'll be glad when midterms are over. Until then, I'm just going to have to give Mommy dirty looks like this one:

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


It's almost time for Halloween! I can't wait. I hope I get a lot of treats! Mommy already bought my Halloween costume but I can't wear it yet. She says it's a surprise!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So far for keeping my baby toys. I completely destroyed my rope bone. I got the knot untied and then I shredded it! I liked eating the strings, but for some reason my Mommy didn't like that much and she took away my fun!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

So now that it is getting colder outside I have to do all of my running inside. That is unless I escape out the door when no one is paying attention.

In this video clip, I am running so fast you can not only hear my breathless panting and the whrr of the air I stir up by the camera microphone but also my nails scratching the carpet when I turn corners. Enjoy. Sorry the picture quality isn't that great-the video was taken on a digital camera.

Man, I am just so photogenic! Look at that handsome dog!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Last Weekend

I spent the weekend out in the country visiting my relatives! I had so much fun, but I'm exhausted now. I got way to much attention and a lot more play time than I usually get! I'd keep on playing even when it was obvious that I was really tired. I just didn't want the fun to end. I can't wait to go back.

Anyway, I'm having trouble uploading pictures to this thing, so I'll get some on here later!

Monday, September 18, 2006

We're Back!

Well, those jerks can't stop us now!

We got a new computer and a camera so more pictures can be taken of me and so that Mommy can blog about me again!

Mommy was able to get a lot of her pictures back, but she is still missing quite a few family pictures from a few vacations and a picture of Uncle Dan wearing an old semi-formal dress when he was 14. ha. Too bad, that could have been nice blackmail. He's 16 now and he now thinks he is the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. ;) We like to give him a hard time. But, I love him-he's hilarious.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Taking A Short Break-We Hope It's Short

It is a cold, grey, rainy and overall a gloomy day. A perfect day to be sad, angry, depressed and scared. Last night, we were the victims of a burglery. Although I always knew that something like this could happen, I never thought that it actually would. A few items of great importance to us were stolen including my laptop and digital camera. I realize that our situation could be much worse, and I am thankful that nothing else went wrong.

As a result however, I will not be able to update Oscar's blog for a few days or even weeks. I will have no vehicle upon which I can publish nor do I have any pictures. Every picture I took over the past several years are gone, including all of Oscar's pictures minus the ones I've published. The fact that all these things and more are gone depresses me.

I've never had anything stolen from me before. I didn't realize how vulnerable and unsafe it can make one feel-or at least me. Obviously, my little Oscar did little to deter the thief(s); he must not be that ferocious anymore. ;)


I've Got A Bug..

..or two..or three. Well, I have been itching and scratching myself a bit more often than I normally do, but not alarmingly too often. It's been this way since I came home from the dog sitter. I just assumed that I got into something that I shouldn't have. Which, knowing me, that is probably the case. Last week, I noticed about 3 bugs on me-all at different times. I didn't think anything of it, until Friday night a woman approached my Daddy when he took me out. She said her dog has fleas and they have been having problems with it for the last few months, but it didn't become a bigger problem until recently. Well, now my mom is paranoid and I keep having to take baths and get sprayed with this nasty pesticide stuff for dogs. The bugs that were crawling on me were too big to be fleas...So then, Mom did some research and became convinced that these were fleas so she called the vet. She was ready to go on an all out chemical war in our apartment. Thank goodness she called the vet. So, I may have a flea or two on my body, NOT a big deal. My next dose of Frontline Plus should be coming in the mail within the next day or two. Mommy spent 5 hours vacumming every square inch of our apartment and the furniture and washed every bit of laundry we own. I also got another flea bath and was sprayed down again. I haven't noticed any bugs on me since, nor have I been scratching as much.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Well, this past week has been extremely boring for me. You know that lonely, empty feeling you get when you leave friends after you've spent a lot of time with them? Well, that happened to me.

I spent a week with four greyhounds. I had a lot of fun. We got to jump all over the furniture. We played "Don't touch the ground or else you drown." It was easy for me because I would jump on the couch, the end table, to the coffee table, to the sofa chair and back around again. The greyhounds can't do that very well. They'd always drown.

But anyway, I tried to look to my Mommy for entertainment and she ignored me a lot this week. She's out of school so she's been trying to catch up on laundry from vacation, cleaning, cooking and baking and doing other house chores she normally wouldn't get around to in a normal week. So, I've been left to entertain myself. I know she feels badly because on Monday she went out to do some grocery shopping and she came home with a huge rawhide bone for me!!

I love rawhide bones! I try to devour them everytime I get a new one. I get it so wet and milky that I get a "milk mustache" on the top of my nose. I'll just save it for later when my bone is all gone.

Friday, August 25, 2006

A Puppy What?!

If pet lovers and consumers need further proof that pets are now becoming more a part of human families and more pampered as ever look to the new PuppyPurse.

Yes, that is right-a puppy purse. Not to be confused with the ever so popular among canine-culturalists the handbag carrier for dogs and the dog stoller.

A Daily Mail article claimed that lawyers Hedy Grant and Suzanne Shermann decided to create the PuppyPurse because they felt there was a need for a more stylish dog carrier. According to the Puppy Purse website, the PuppyPurse is "designed to keep your diminutive doggie and you, their adoring human, inseparable."

The PuppyPurse is created to fit a variety of needs. It can be worn as a purse, a shoulder bag or as a fanny pack. The straps can be detached in the event that the dog should actually be walked...on a leash.

If standard leather or fabric does not suite the owner of the pampered pooch, the Puppy Purse can be bought in faux fur,waffle, denim, fleece and many other types of fabric. And if that's not good enough, the purse can be bought so that human and dog have matching clothing.

The PuppyPurse is unique compared to other dog carriers in that it covers only the torso. "The pet isn't enclosed in a hot, stuffy carrier and can be seen and admired by all," designers Grant and Shermann said in an interview with Pampered Puppy.

It's convenient too in the fact that it gives people the freedom to move around and multi-task while they are out.

The PuppyPurse is available to fit dogs up to 12lbs and a 14'' chest. It is available for purchase on-line at their webstore or it may be purchased in various upscale dog/pet boutiques across the country.

For more information visit their website

If canine-spoilers keep this up, dogs will never have to walk the earth again.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Running With the Big Dogs

Tomorrow, I will leave to go live with four greyhounds for a week. My humans are leaving to go to Ocean city for a week followed by a brief stop by Washington DC. Last weekend I went to go visit these greyhounds, and I'm not really sure how I feel about them yet. At first, I was really excited to meet new friends until I got in the house and saw legs...long legs. I spent the hour being sniffed and checked out by these long legged, long snouted creatures. I think one of them thought I was a toy because every time I moved it'd jump in front of me, get down on it's front legs and just start barking at me. I wasn't sure what to do. At first I ran away from her but then she chased me...well, more like stepped in front of me, that really was all she had to do. So, I laid there with my tail in between my legs and my ears laying flat against my head. We'll have to see how it goes. I'm kind of looking forward to it, but I'm also kind of nervous. I also heard rumors that I might be able to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed tonight. And yes, Daddy is home, so I don't know what is going on. Cool huh? I'll have to try not to snore so I can sleep in that bed more often. Nah....I'm going to snore.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Break From A Hiatus

Well, I have to apologize for not writing anything here lately. Mommy has been very busy lately. She was busy the last few weeks trying to set up interviews to write a news story, not to mention she forgot the username to my blog. She also finally got a job at an advertising agency (no hurrah's for her yet, it's just temporary). I finally was able to pin her down and force her to update everyone about my life. So, here is an update on my life in the past week.

I got neutered, that's not new news. But two days later I developed a corneal ulcer on my eye. I'm not sure how it happened. I must have scratched it or something, I'm not sure how. It doesn't help that my eyes bug out of my head. Anyhow, a week later (yes, i suffered for a week with a large, swollen eye before she would take me to vet), to find out that: OH! maybe there really is something wrong with my eye. In fairness, when she called the vet the next Monday they said the next apointment wouldn't be till Friday and I already had a vet apt. that day to get my sutures out. So they gave me a tube of ointment to put on my eye. It's supposed to help my ulcer go away, but I didn't like it. So I ate it.

I'm being taught how to walk on a leash. Last Sunday, I was going to go to the dog park to play, but NO ONE was there. It has never been more empty. So, Daddy and Mommy took me to this park where Mommy goes running. After being tugged back on the leash a couple times, I learned not to pull away from them. Forget all the dog training rules, that doesn't work on pugs.

At the park, I learned that I'm afraid of: bikes, rollarblades, and other people running.

I also overheard my parents talking, something about me not being able to go back to the dog park. Apparently, I still like the ladies...a bit too much....what can I say? I'm a handsome pug.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


I think I'm fully recovered from my surgery. I'm supposed to be wearing my cone, but my sutures don't bother me, I don't even sniff at them. So if I'm being watched carefully then I can play without it on. I tend to bump into things or people and I can't really get to my toys with it on.

I'm also making up for all the time I spent crated at the vet hospital.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Post-Op. Recovery

I just want to watch a movie right now...How about "Milo and Otis" or "101 Dalmations" naahh, that ones too scary. "Benji" wouldn't be bad.

I'm recovering from my surgery. I got neutered yesterday. Mommy, in between her classes, met Daddy at the vet hospital on campus so she could say goodby to me before they left me there. I was there all day Monday, Tuesday and half of the day Wednesday. Apparently getting neutered is supposed to make me a more well-behaved puppy....haha, we'll see about that!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Laundry From Vacation

Do I really have to help fold all this laundry? I'll only help if there are dryer sheets for me to eat.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Good to be Home

Well, I just got home from spending the week at my Grandpa and Grandma H's house while Daddy and Mommy spent the week camping in the Adirondack mountains in upstate NY. They didn't take me with them because they didn't think I'd enjoy camping. How would they know, I've never been camping before? I just might enjoy it. It doesn't matter because I had a lot of fun at my grandparents, even my Uncle B. came home from college for a few days to see me!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Mommy is a little slow updating my blog. It's probably a good thing because what I would have posted was outdated today. See the thing is, on Friday I had the best day of my life (well, not really but it came pretty close). I thought it was going to be a bad day because I was locked in my crate all day and then when Mommy came home she wouldn't let me go out and play with the neighborhood kids-I guess it has something to do with them invading our privacy and peeking through our mail slot and trying to come in our patio door-I don't know what her deal is, they just want to play with me. So, I thought Friday was going to be a lousy day, then my parents took me to the dog park. That's where the fun began! Rico was there, I mentioned him in another post. Apparently I taught him a few tricks! I'm proud of him! Anyway, there was this girl there...I didn't see at her at first, but I sure felt her kisses. She ran up to me immediately upon my arrival and showered me in kisses. I stood there all dazed and confused-I didn't know what to do. Plus, I think I was a little intimidated. She must have thought I was pretty studly in my star bandana. She is a really pretty pug. She's really light, thin and has a really dark face and she looked so cute in her pretty, pink collar. We ran around the park and I barked at at her, and she chased me. I tried to make a few moves on her but then she'd just whirl around and shower me in kisses. :)- I was dissapointed to leave her but I couldn't wait till today for the pug club get together to see her again! I saw her, she was there, but she didn't seem to care. I found out that my girlfriend, is not a one-pug girl. She kept hanging out with this older boy; I couldn't wait till he went home. So I tried to make her jealous, which worked sometimes. I ended up having to go home before the other boy. :( Oh-well. I'll just have to steal her heart another time, when there aren't other pugs to compete with.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Who Needs a vacuum Cleaner?

Ulggghh...I don't feel very good this afternoon. I tried helping Mommy with the laundry today. Well, actually, I pretended like I was helping but I was really after dryer sheets and underwear. When Mommy wasn't looking I swiped a dryer sheet. It smelled and tasted really good..for awhile.
I thought I was being sneaky but Mom turned around and saw me before I could finish it. So I ripped off a piece and chewed it as fast as I could. Actually, I swallowed it as fast as I could. I pretty much swallowed it whole, like a snake would swallow it's prey. Dryer sheets are hard to chew up, you know. I didn't want to lose my snack, what else was I supposed to do? If I dropped it, she'd take it away from me and what fun would that be? Now that I think about it, it's not really that fun after all. Not when you have 3/4 of a dryer sheet sitting in your stomach. Now when I burp or yawn my breath smells like Snuggle fabric softener. Hmmm...I wonder what it will smell like coming out.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What Rules?

What? I'm not doing anything...I promise.

Rules are made to be forgotten and not obeyed. At least that is my motto. If my parents tell me to sit or lie down, I give them a look that says "you want me to do what now?" or "I am so confused, I have no idea what you are talking about!" Unfortunately, I get so excited when they teach me new commands I'll obey them right away. That is because when I'm learning they give me treats. Then my parents will stop giving me treats and I'll still do the tricks, until I realize that they're not giving them to me anymore. At that point, I have no incentive to obey. My parents have lots of rules for me, and I don't like it. I have to sit before I can get on the couch, or I have to be invited; I have to sit before I eat, go outside, put the leash on, ect. ect. Now they're trying to make me lie down before I can do all of that stuff. Well, I'm getting tired of it, they know I know how to do all these things so I'm not getting treats. They think that getting to be on the couch, getting my food or going outside are all rewards enough. But, I don't think so. I want food! Lots of food! Well, I've come up with a list of rules for my Mom and Dad:

1. You must invite me onto the couch anytime you are sitting there and whatever food you are eating, I get a taste of.
2. When cooking, you must drop food on the floor for me to eat.
3. I decide when I go to bed at night and I will sleep on the couch or better yet: your bed.
4. I will under no condition perform tricks or obedience commands unless you show me the food!
5. When you leave the couch, you automatically give up your spot to me-in which you don't get it back.
6. Don't just give me water for dinner, I want food. I don't care if I get fat, forget what the vet says (I'm sure they eat more than a cup of food a day).
7. I must be played with all day long. You will know when I am tired of attention (haha-which is never).
8.You must take me to the dog park to play with my friends every evening.
9. Don't leave me in my bed when you leave the house: either let me roam around (I promise I'll behave) or take me with you. Otherwise, I will annoy the neighbors with all my barking and whining until they complain and you are forced to take me with you.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Evening at the Dog Park

I just got back from the dog park, luckily I got back right before it stormed. It was fun though, I met a new friend, his name is Rico. He's a jack russel, chihuaha, and fox terrior mix. Mommy thought he was really cute, but not as cute as me of course. Rico would chase and bark at me and then I'd chase him and bark at him too. If he was tired and didn't want to play or if someone was holding him, I'd bark and whine trying to get him to chase me. I overheard my parents talking and they said something about me not getting to go back to the park or not going to park very often until after my next visit to the vet. I'm not sure why, I think it has something to do with me making Rico uncomfortable. It must have been when I tried to put him in his place..but he's younger and smaller than me and that's what my instincts told me I was supposed to do.

Monday, June 26, 2006

All Grown Up?

I think I'm a grown up now because Mommy let me sleep in her bed last night. She's let me sleep in her bed before, but only for a few hours when Daddy is gone. Last night, though, I stayed in her bed the WHOLE night! I just slept quietly next to Mommy, I didn't even snore that much-it's more comfortable sleeping on top of a down blanket on a king sized bed. I didn't get up and try to play or jump off the bed, nor did I have any accidents either! So I guess this means that I'm growing up. I can't wait till I'm a full-sized pug! Mommy said that when I'm a full-sized pug she'll buy me a swimming vest so I can go swimming. My Uncles have an above ground pool and it looks like a lot fun! I think I've been growing up because Mommy has been feeding me a lot of food. In fact, the vet gave her a new measuring cup for my dog food that measures more accurately than my scoop and we discovered that Mommy has been feeding me nearly a cup more than I should be getting. But somehow, I'm not overweight. I think it's because I have a lot of energy and I run around a lot. On the weight scale I'm a 3.5 out 5, with 1 being severely underweight, 3 being perfect and 5 hugely overweight. I'm only 13 lbs and for a 5 mo. old pug, I think that's pretty good. Well, I have to go now, because I want to watch Martha Stewart with Mommy. It's bring your own bulldog day and some of the bulldogs are doing cool tricks that I want to learn!

Home Sweet Home

Whew! What a boring car ride, I'm glad I slept the whole way home so it made it go faster. Have you ever noticed that late at night radio stations play soft, quieter music as if they are purposely trying to put you to sleep while you're driving? Well, it worked for me. I had a great time this weekend, but I missed my Daddy-who is on a business trip-so I hung around my Mommy a lot. I played a lot with my Uncle's who would play tag and tug-of-war with me! I also got to spend an afternoon at Grandpa and Grandma H's house where I got to spend some alone time with Grandpa H. I also met a lot of new people and I love people so it was a big deal! I met a one year old girl on Saturday. If I stood up on my hind legs I'd be just about as tall her. Since she's a puppy too, I tried playing with her, but she just wanted to give me kisses.

I kept Mommy busy this weekend; I ate a lot of stuff I shouldn't have eaten, like tiny green rubber bands (like the ones for braces), bark, and onions. I learned this weekend that onions are very toxic to dogs. Onions can cause Heinz body anemia, a form of hemolytic anemia that ruptures premature red blood cells. I think a dog has to eat a lot of onions in order to get sick. But, I'm okay, I left a nice present for Mommy this morning that pretty much contained all the bad things that I ate-I'm sort of punishing her for not watching me closely. Besides, I'm a Pug and that is what Pugs do, we see something and we put it in our mouths. Mommy almost left me at Grandpa and Grandma C's house this week, but she decided I needed more training and she really didn't want to leave me since she's going to be leaving me at my other Grandparent's in a few weeks. I think I'm starting to wear her out...

Yawn...I've had a long day, so I should probably go to bed. I'm so tired such that I tried to play with myself in the mirror tonight. I forgot that it was my reflection. All I know is that I was waiting for Mommy in the bathroom and I saw another puppy in the floor length mirror and I got down on my front legs and started barking at it. I then ran into the other room looking for this other dog but there was nothing there. So I ran back to the mirror and saw him again, I was so confused. I was sure there was another dog there so I kept trying to play with him. I kept barking and running around in circles. Mommy kept laughing at me of course. Oh well...Anyway, I'm off to bed!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good Times All Around

Tomorrow is going to be the best day ever! First I get to go to the veterinarians! Yes, I love going to the vet's. Wanna know why? Well, for one, I get to see a lot of people who tell me how cute, handsome and how soft I am (which is rare for pugs by the way). Second, I get lots and lots of treats and peanut butter! I love peanut butter but I never get it unless I'm at the vet's.

I also get to go to my Grandparent's farm! There I get to play and run around a big yard and with no fence too! I also have four uncles who give me A LOT of attention; I just love them. They'll chase me around the house and the yard or they'll put me on their trampoline. It's a lot of fun! I just have to be careful about my territorial cousin Buddy. Buddy..what a hick sounding name! He he! Anyway, he's pretty rough-on my first day at the farm, I went to go say "hi" to him only to find myself pinned to ground underneath his big paws staring into his barred teeth and scary eyes. He barked and growled at me! I was so scared, when he finally let me back up I cried and ran away (or at least tried too, I was so scared I could't even walk so I was limping and skipping). Mommy finally picked me up and checked me all over to make sure I was okay; she was really scared for me! Buddy is big enough he could have bitten my head off without trying. I guess he was just jealous of my city boy charm.

Other than that, I love going to the farm and I can't wait till tomorrow! The three hour drive won't be so much fun! Mommy is dropping me off at the vet's office and then she is going to her journalism class. Once her class is over she is going to pick me up and then we are going to leave right away! My vet's office is on her school campus so we won't lose too much time. It's going to be like escaping! Ooohhh, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight!