Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Story of Bravery and Courage

The other night I was sleeping in the big bed with Mommy. Daddy was out of town. It was about 3:30 AM when I crawled out from under the blankets to sleep on Mommy's pillow. I was curling up on the pillow when I noticed the bedroom door slooowly open. "Someone is breaking in!" I thought. I started to growl at the intruder warning him that he better not walk into this bedroom. Mommy finally woke up and quietly said, "get him Oscar. Go get him!" I barked and jumped off of the pillow and ran to the end of the bed where I balked! I wasn't going alone."Uhhh....aren't you coming with me, Mommy? What are you doing still laying in bed?!" I barked and growled at the door until Mommy got out from under the covers and waited for her cue. "Go get him, Oscar, "she whispered.

Barking, I jumped off the bed and ran to the doorway. I slinked my way across the doorway into the hallway on my tiptoes, like a tiger ready to pounce on her prey. Then I saw it: the shadow in the office! Attack! I gave him my low growl to warn him and ran into the office. I secured the room and ran to the edge of the stairs. Mommy and I snuck down the stairway to check out the rest of the house. Then Mommy gave me the cue and I went into attack mode running, barking and growling throughout the house. There was nothing there. Darn, I was really hoping for a medal or something. But, Mommy gave me lots of hugs and scratched my head and thanked me for protecting me. She told me I was brave. "I"m brave!" I thought as I cuddled back in the bed with Mommy," I'm glad we're safe now, but I can' t wait till Daddy comes home. I don't like being brave."

The next test of my bravery came a few days later when Mommy was drying her hair in the bathroom. Mommy shut the door so I couldn't get out. All of a sudden someone started banging on the bathroom door! I barked but I ran in the opposite direction, slipped on the bathroom rug and slid on the floor right into the bathtub. Mommy can take this one! It wasn't until the stars stopped orbiting my head that I realized it was Daddy-he just got home from work. Whew! I was scared. The only reason I barked was to give the appearance that I was protecting Mommy.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Excitement: Too Much for Some People to Handle

Wow! I got in BIG trouble last night and it's all Mommy's fault! First, Mommy left me at home by myself in my crate all day while she was out doing whatever it is that she does. Second, when Mommy came home she did not give me ample time when I "went out." Third, she ignored me when I tried to tell her that I needed to "go out" because she was "so close to finishing her magazine article."

Then Daddy came home and I was soooo excited to see him. After he sat down on the futon next to Mommy's desk, I jumped up to see and I....I pottied on Daddy. I DIDN"T MEAN TOO! Daddy didn't believe me. He was very angry with me. Mommy realized that it was all her fault and tried to explain it to Daddy but he wouldn't have any of it. So then she started laughing at him. I didn't know what to do so I hid at the bottom of the stairs while they were upstairs.

I've never pottied on anyone else except for my Uncle M. That was an accident, but Mommy believed he probably deserved it in some way.

Anyways, we apologize for the lack of blogging over the past few weeks. Mommy is a full-time student with two internships and is very active in the Public Relations Student Society of America. She feels a bit overwhelmed right now, but at the end of next week we'll have plenty of time to blog! So keep checking back!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Won't Someone Play With Me

Since we're "snowed in" I thought I would have a lot of opportunities to play with my parents today. I was wrong, what a boring day. Daddy was on the phone all day today. Mommy wasted two hours of pointless time (really four hours) on campus while waiting to go to her 1:30 class only through eavesdropping to find out that at 12:45 OSU decided they were going to shut down campus. Then when she came home she ignored me and cleaned and studied all day. So, I slept, but now I'm all energized because I just came inside from the white, icy wonderland.

I've got my tennis ball, I'm ready to play! Who wants to play ball??

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cold Weather Blues

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr......Mommy is so lazy and slow! I've yapped, "I need to update my blog, Mom. Type in the words for me," all day. But noooo.....she'd rather read about product management or how to use SPSS some sort of statistical database, query thing in her huge, thick gigantic books. I guess I'm low on the totem pole this quarter.

So here is this weeks wrap-up news: *there won't be any updated pictures to prove this because Mommy is too lazy to get off the couch right now to download my pictures*

This weekend was my Uncle J's birthday, he turned 8. I was lucky enough to get to go home and help celebrate. Although, it must be noted that my birthday will always be exactly one week earlier than his. ;) I gave him a double picture frame with a picture of me and him on one side and a picture of me moping in my birthday hat in the other side. They refused to share his birthday cakes with me.

Mommy also finished my new sweater. It didn't take her nearly as long to make it as she thought; it's not perfect but it turned out really well. It would probably help if I would just stand still so she can accurately measure me, but....that's not how I roll.

It also snowed again. And as a result, the humans have become lazy and moody. Actually, they've become lazier and moodier. Not like they became this way right after it snowed. I think Mommy is mad because OSU won't cancel classes unless it's -60 degrees F and yet ALL of the city and nearby suburb schools will cancel classes "due to the cold weather" when it's only 10 degrees F. Sorry about your luck Mom.

My only problem with the snow is that it burns my feet. Daddy and Mommy think it's funny and they'll laugh at me as I pick my foot up, shake it and delicately place it back on the snow to lift up another foot. Apparently, I really need full weight on all three feet. I prance around like an injured, intoxicated gazelle.

Well, I'm tired and cold and it's time to dig at Mommy till she lets me under the blanket. Good night 'all.