Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Very First Christmas!

So much for having a white Christmas this year. Maybe next year. It was awfully wet, rainy and muddy. It didn't really feel like Christmas when you went outside, but inside my Grandparent's house-it was really Christmas.

I had a great Christmas! Mommy and Daddy and I celebrated Christmas on Saturday before we left for the country. I got a new bed, a harness and a new Fat Cat toy: the Angry Kitty. I really like my bed. Mom and Dad leave it out of my crate so I can sleep in it when I'm tired. I won't go in my bed if it's in my crate 'cause then they might shut the door. That ruins all my fun.

Christmas is so much fun..and tiring...and exciting, but so worth it! We spent the day at my Mommy's parents house where her four little brothers still live (they're all under the age of 17-so no dead beats yet). I was so excited that when Grandpa let me out of my crate, I ran all through the house barking, "It's Christmas, it's Christmas!" I must be awfully special because I was the first boy downstairs. No one is aloud to go downstairs until everyone is ready! We open up our stockings, then we eat breakfast-usually cinnamon rolls-and then we get to open our presents!

It was so much fun watching my uncles open presents. I was hoping they'd get some treats and share them with me. They did get some treats in their stockings, but they said they'd be bad for me.

I even had my own stocking: I got three different dingo treats. They are like mini rawhide bones. Two packages were meat flavored and one is supposed to be minty and good for me. I kept trying to dig my nails into them until Mommy finally got the hint and gave me one. I got to eat the beefy dingo and one of the dental sticks.

Grandpa and Grandma H gave me a pig hoof and the Fat Cat postman toy. He's my favorite. Actually, I really like the hoof, it smelled so bad and tasted so good. It's been missing since Saturday and I can't find it. Grandma lost it and I'm not sure that it was an accident. I think it's pay back time. Yellow carpet maybe? I thought it was rude to give a gift to someone and then take it away? I think Mommy may have something to do with this too....hmmm....

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Ronin_The_Pug said...

Oh Oscar you had a wonderful First Christmas! You got toys and a new bed! We didn't have a white Christmas too... Maybe next year!