Friday, July 07, 2006

Mommy is a little slow updating my blog. It's probably a good thing because what I would have posted was outdated today. See the thing is, on Friday I had the best day of my life (well, not really but it came pretty close). I thought it was going to be a bad day because I was locked in my crate all day and then when Mommy came home she wouldn't let me go out and play with the neighborhood kids-I guess it has something to do with them invading our privacy and peeking through our mail slot and trying to come in our patio door-I don't know what her deal is, they just want to play with me. So, I thought Friday was going to be a lousy day, then my parents took me to the dog park. That's where the fun began! Rico was there, I mentioned him in another post. Apparently I taught him a few tricks! I'm proud of him! Anyway, there was this girl there...I didn't see at her at first, but I sure felt her kisses. She ran up to me immediately upon my arrival and showered me in kisses. I stood there all dazed and confused-I didn't know what to do. Plus, I think I was a little intimidated. She must have thought I was pretty studly in my star bandana. She is a really pretty pug. She's really light, thin and has a really dark face and she looked so cute in her pretty, pink collar. We ran around the park and I barked at at her, and she chased me. I tried to make a few moves on her but then she'd just whirl around and shower me in kisses. :)- I was dissapointed to leave her but I couldn't wait till today for the pug club get together to see her again! I saw her, she was there, but she didn't seem to care. I found out that my girlfriend, is not a one-pug girl. She kept hanging out with this older boy; I couldn't wait till he went home. So I tried to make her jealous, which worked sometimes. I ended up having to go home before the other boy. :( Oh-well. I'll just have to steal her heart another time, when there aren't other pugs to compete with.

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