Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dear Santa,

I hope you are staying warm up in the North Pole. I hope you are checking your list twice, because I have been very well behaved lately and so I think I deserve lots of presents. Ask my Mommy. She will agree. So, I was told that if I am a good boy and I write you a list of what I want for Christmas, that I will get my wish.

Santa this is what I want for Christmas:

1. Rawhide bones-gives me an excuse to chew and eat

2. More treats-although, I still have a box full

3. More toys-I can always use more toys, but Mommy thinks I need more "play by myself toys"

4. Harness/Halter-

I need this Santa. This way Mommy won't choke me when I tug on the leash

5.The spiderman name tag-If I get lost then people will know who I belong to. Plus, it's spiderman and he's cool.

6. A new bed-I've greatly outgrown my baby bed. Any of the following will do:

7. A Pet hampster. Boy, that would be so much fun! I'd name im Harry. I promise I'll feed him and take him out everyday.

I think thats all I want. I could use more sweaters and tee-shirts, but last time I wore a sweater I got made fun of by my Mommy and Daddy's friends. Actually, Mommy is the one who got made fun of. Anyway.

I promise I will continue being a good boy!


Oscar Wolfgang the Ferocious Pug

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