Friday, August 25, 2006

A Puppy What?!

If pet lovers and consumers need further proof that pets are now becoming more a part of human families and more pampered as ever look to the new PuppyPurse.

Yes, that is right-a puppy purse. Not to be confused with the ever so popular among canine-culturalists the handbag carrier for dogs and the dog stoller.

A Daily Mail article claimed that lawyers Hedy Grant and Suzanne Shermann decided to create the PuppyPurse because they felt there was a need for a more stylish dog carrier. According to the Puppy Purse website, the PuppyPurse is "designed to keep your diminutive doggie and you, their adoring human, inseparable."

The PuppyPurse is created to fit a variety of needs. It can be worn as a purse, a shoulder bag or as a fanny pack. The straps can be detached in the event that the dog should actually be walked...on a leash.

If standard leather or fabric does not suite the owner of the pampered pooch, the Puppy Purse can be bought in faux fur,waffle, denim, fleece and many other types of fabric. And if that's not good enough, the purse can be bought so that human and dog have matching clothing.

The PuppyPurse is unique compared to other dog carriers in that it covers only the torso. "The pet isn't enclosed in a hot, stuffy carrier and can be seen and admired by all," designers Grant and Shermann said in an interview with Pampered Puppy.

It's convenient too in the fact that it gives people the freedom to move around and multi-task while they are out.

The PuppyPurse is available to fit dogs up to 12lbs and a 14'' chest. It is available for purchase on-line at their webstore or it may be purchased in various upscale dog/pet boutiques across the country.

For more information visit their website

If canine-spoilers keep this up, dogs will never have to walk the earth again.

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