Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Getting Attention

*Sigh* Mommy's been ignoring me a lot lately. First of all, she hasn't been home much and second, when she is home she doesn't play with me. Although, we did go to the dog park for two hours Monday night. But still, the time she spends with me is not enough.

Sunday night, I decided I was going to change all of that, so I did everything I wasn't supposed to and when she told me "No" or "Drop It" or "Leave It" I ignored her. I played the "Opposites Game." It was fun. I bit her hand a lot and she didn't seem to like it but at least it invoked some reaction out of her.

But, I back talked her all night which got me yelled at, but I didn't care because we were interacting.

Anyway, if you want to know how to get a humans attention, this is what you do:

First, you pout and look as miserable as possible. For pugs, that is not difficult to do.
If that doesn't work get angry. Get very angry. They'll see you're upset and that you're planning to do something mischievous and they'll pay attention to you.

It is obvious I am very unhapppy here. My human laughed at me.

Now I'll bark at her!

Mommy told me "Quiet" so I shook my head "no" and barked again.
Well, she told me "Quiet" and "Be still" so I decided to pounce on her.
Should I? I'm not sure if I should, then she might get really mad?

Oh well, I'm going for it!
I jumped on Mommy's lap and tried to chew on her fingers, but she hates that and I got yelled at. Mean Mommy. I tried to bite her fingers again and she shoved me and yelled "OFF." I think I made her really mad.

Just put your camera away woman and play with me!

I barked at her again, only this time I was angry.

Back talking wasn't working too much, and I got bored. So, I chased my tail.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Hero!

I knew that my dream of being a cop dog could come true. Just because I'm 18 lbs doesn't mean I wouldn't be a good cop dog. If this little guy can do it so can I! I just need to figure out where I sign up....Oh yeah, he's also from Ohio too! I wonder if I can meet him....

Click here: K-9 Police Dog

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A pug's greatest talents are his agility and quick reflexes. It is misfortunate for the pug without these things for there could be no enjoyment of life's little stolen treasures like marshmallows for instance.

I had no idea what these round white pillow treats were, but I could tell Mommy enjoyed them. I was hopeful that she would be kind enough to share these treats with me so I prepared myself by following close underneath her. I was awfully surprised when one fell from her hands and so I grabbed it and ran away with the treat. However, when she yelped and told me to drop it, I realized that it was her clumsiness that gave me the treat. She realized it was no use getting it back as I was already eating it and instead she went and grabbed her camera.
I dropped it, but only after I was sure that I was allowed to keep it. Since this was the first time I have ever come in contact with such a thing I had to investigate it. And trust me, getting this thing to fall out of my mouth was quite a chose as it stuck to the roof of my mouth.
My blanket, still left on the floor from a game Daddy and I played earlier, seemed like a safe place to eat. So I laid down on the blanket and chewed on my treat. I wasn't sure if it was a toy or food because it took me so long to eat it.

It stuck to the roof of my mouth. It was quite good though.
I finally started to get tired chewing on it. It was such hard work so I decided to close my eyes for a little while. I finally realized that closing my eyes was not helping as I began chewing less and started to feel even sleepier. So I stood up thinking that I would be able to put more force into my chew.
It worked somewhat as I was able to reduce the marshmallow to a smaller piece and then swallow it whole.

If it weren't for my quick reflexes and swift agility, I would probably not have experienced that awesome little fluffy piece of goodness as Mommy is quite stingy and doesn't share very often.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dinner Time!

I am a creature of habit as most dogs are. I prefer a routine and I do not like to deviate from my regular schedule especially when it involves food. My biggest pet peeve is when my parents don't feed me after I'm taken O-U-T. You see, after Mommy comes home she takes me out, I do my business, then I come inside, I sit, she scoops up my food pours into my food bowl and then I chow down.

But sometimes, she comes home earlier and takes me out, I run to my food bowl and Mommy starts preparing dinner or she goes and sits on the couch. She says I don't get food yet because it's not 5:30.

So here is what I do to get food:

I sit and wait hopefully.
Then if that doesn't work I pout.

I whine sometimes too.

I usually always get my way. After I start whining I get food, but first my parents have to torture me.
I don't think you understand how hard it is to sit and wait to eat your food while it is sitting in front of your face. I think it's a control thing and I don't like it.

Finally, I snarf down my food as quickly and as loudly as I possibly can.
I always lick my bowl clean so that I can be sure to have eaten every tiny morsel and to keep my bowl clean. Mommy things I do this because I am a glutton and want to make sure I eat everything, but I assure you it's mostly to keep my bowl clean for the next meal. This video shows it all. If my camerawoman didn't run out of memory space I could have shown you how I always run back to my bowl after I've licked it clean. I am always hopeful that by chance I'm given dessert. But, it has yet to happen. Who do I need to talk to about this because my parents are clueless?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shower at the Dog Park!

This weekend, well rather the past two days, so far has been quite enjoyable. By this I mean, I got to go the dog park twice. In fact, I am rather tired from all the running around and excitement so this may be a short post.

Yesterday evening my parents took me to the dog park where another pug showed up. Mommy later found out that this pug's name is Angelo and his Daddy and my Mommy have tried to set up play-dates together since last Fall (even though they've only "met" through the pug club we no longer attend). I do not think there shall be any play-dates for the future because when I went up to say "hi" he lifted his leg and I took a shower in yellow water. I was very grossed out and didn't know what to do but slowly crouch and flatten back my ears. I thought I was in trouble as I think this was the worst form of "dominance." So, I walked to bench and hid underneath it till my faced stopped dripping which it didn't do for quite some time. I think I managed to finally dry off my face off of some poor clueless guy's shirt. In the meantime, I walked around the dog park in a daze, slowly lifting up my legs like a gaited buggy horse (only in disgust and not gleeful prancing) till I was sure this "yellow shower" was gone. Finally we went home and Mommy gave me a much needed bath with clear water. The only color water should ever be.

Today we went to the dog park in the country near our new apartment. This trip was fairly uneventful. I think the purpose of the trip was to train me on the agility course, but luckily another small dog snuck past my parents when they tried to close the gate behind them. Willie was his name. His owners came in too, but they didn't take him away. Mommy tried to make me jump over a fence and I succeeded, but I saw that Willie made a more suitable playmate, so instead we chased each other and wrestled around till his owners took him home. I was too tired to jump over fences and much too apprehensive to run through blue tunnels and jump through tires. Although, watching Mommy jump through the tire is fun because she doesn't do it right and ends up almost knocking herself over or tearing the tire out of its post. Luckily, I did not need a bath after this trip.

Mommy did bring along her brand new camera to take pictures, but she forgot. I think her energy was spent too much in trying to get me to jump through hoops.

Anyways, goodnight all, I am very tired and would very much like to resume my nap before I go to bed for the night.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mommy & Her Stupid Gifts!

Mommy came home from her last day of working at the state fair and brought me a present! I was quite excited until I saw what it was. The following picture is worth a 1,000 words all in itself (sorry for the cliche).

I do not like wearing hats, much less wearing hick John Deere hats. What does she think I am a farm dog? Quite the opposite, my friend. I am very much a preppy, city dog. I do not know what she was thinking. Unfortunately, I fell for her stupid tricks. I really wanted my rawhide so she bribed me with it if I'd wear the hat. Next time woman, I will not fall for your tricks.

Go ahead, take the pictures and laugh, but don't expect this to happen ever again. This will be the first and last time you see me like this.....Ever! I won't be cooperating the next time, not like I cooperated this time, but it will be much much worse.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Playing with Five-Year Olds!

Last night, our next door neighbor's granddaughter E came over to play with me after my evening walk. At first she just came over to say "Hi" and Mommy and Me and E sat in the itchy grass and talked. After awhile, she asked if I had toys that we could play with. So all three of us walked in the house and got my Frisbee. We went back outside and Mommy took me off my leash. I don't usually venture too far away so it was OK. That is until I got bored with the Frisbee and decided to run across the street to see if the pretty Shih Stzu was out to play. I noticed her for the first time yesterday afternoon when I came back from my walk. I wanted to meet her, but Mommy wouldn't let me. I guess there will be another time.

Anyway, back to me and E. We learned never to trust a five-year-old's aim. That got me put back on my leash. She also brought over a huge bottle of bubbles and blew bubbles in the air for me to catch. That was fun until she started smacking my face with the bubble wand. I didn't mind though, she was young and I liked the taste of the bubble wand.

I hope she comes and plays again too. I don't usually get that kind of play-time here at the apartment.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Playing with Daddy!

Sometimes before bed, Daddy and I will wrestle and chase each other around the apartment. Mommy does not understand why we wait until it is time to crawl into bed, you know, when you're supposed to be winding down. What she doesn't understand is that it is bonding time for Daddy and me.

Mommy will stand in a corner somewhere to stay out-of-the-way and to take pictures.

This is me trying to attack Daddy on the bed. He did a pretty good job batting me away with his arms. My eyes look really weird in this photo. In fact, in every photo Mommy took that evening my eyes looked like fiery marbles and Daddy's were all red. Hmmm....

When I can't seem to keep Daddy pinned down or I get very excited or just want to switch things up a bit, I run around the apartment as fast I can. Then, I'll come in the bedroom and hide.
I thought I did a better job of hiding.

That day, even before I started wrestling with Daddy, I became obsessed with hiding under the bed. Mommy would walk around the apartment looking for me and would somehow find me under the bed. Here I thought I was safe and they couldn't find me. I was testing out the hiding spot to see if I could hide there to eat toilet paper, dryer sheets and anything else I wasn't allowed to have.

It's obvious I am going to have to rethink my strategy.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Mommy's Bad Luck!

Alert: Don't let Mommy touch your camera. She is bad luck. Her brand new camera, you know, the one she got 6-7 months ago, is broken now. This happens to be the 4th or 5th camera she's gone through in the past 3.5 years. Granted one camera was stolen (see our post from September 2006), and this one broke on its own. All of her other cameras broke due to her own negligence (i.e. dropping it 6 times or drowning it in hairspray).

She either likes to torture her cameras or is needing a new way to burn money. I think she does a good job of both.

This is what her pictures now look like:
There are horses and kids in there somewhere.

On Tuesday her camera worked. Wednesday morning her camera worked. And on Wednesday afternoon her camera developed a purple haze that covered the review screen. At first it didn't seem to affect her pictures much. By the end of the day it was clear the camera was broken. What is odd though, that depending on the angle and the lighting if the flash was off the pictures would turn out better. Other times if the flash was off it would not work either.

So here is the progression of how her pictures turned out. Yes, we know you don't care, but what else are we going to write about today? It is 94 degrees outside, humid and very sunny and....yeah, I thought that was more boring.

First, I want to say that Mommy is working at the state fair all week writing articles and taking pictures. Her camera plays a very integral part of her job duties.

Here we go:

Wednesday Morning 9:00 AM

Picture turned out as expected. Her camera never did take very good pictures at night or indoors regardless of what setting was used.

Wednesday around 12:30:

1:00 PM

1:15 PM

It really is a shame because there were some very beautiful Morgan horses there.

6:30 PM

So what does all of this mean, besides the fact that once again we have to get a new camera? It means that we'll have to be very conservative on the number of pictures we use for my blog. I will also have to be extremely creative in what I post. This time it might take us longer to replace the camera because Mommy has set her sight high on a more expensive camera (one that will actually take pictures indoors and not be too dark or get blurry when she uses the flash).

Let's just hope Mommy doesn't damage the camera her boss loaned her for work. Too bad the things she touches breaks instead of turning into gold; that would work better for our budget.