Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Luxating Patella

Remember a couple years ago when I wrote about my luxating patella? In 2007, I found out I had a Grade II luxating patella in my right hind leg. At the time we were faced with the decision as to whether I should have surgery to correct the issue. The choice to have surgery or not presented itself with certain risks and there seemed to be no win-win situation at the time. Not to mention, the surgery itself is expensive and rehab was going to be very challenging. At the time, my parents decided to wait to have the surgery and see how my leg progressed. Many dogs can have Grade II patellar luxation and be just fine. Others digress to have Grade III and Grade IV, both of which require corrective surgery.

Hearing this diagnosis has done nothing to change how I play. I still run hard, play rough, and jump off the back of the couch. During each trip to the veterinarian, my parents wait with baited breath for an update on my leg hoping it has not progressed to Grade III or Grade IV. Last week I went to the veterinarian for my annual visit, during which we finally heard the news we were waiting for.

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Sink or Swim?

Now that the weather is warming up and school is out for the summer, it leaves more time for planning cookouts, pool parties, vacations and everything in between. There will be, however, one activity in which I may not be participating.

Swimming! First off, I'm not a fan of water. This is proved whenever I take a bath. However, during a trip out to the country, I went swimming-that is, if that's what you call it- with my uncles and my Mom. Since then, my parents debate over whether I can actually swim.

This debate may never be solved as I won't allow myself to be put into a pool for an experimental swim. Imagine my delight then when I came across this video (although I feel terrible for this pug). Pug's can't swim....or can they? My disclaimer: This video is incredibly stupid. I haven't blogged in a long time and was compelled too after viewing the video.