Monday, August 25, 2008

Well, I am absolutely exhausted. Mommy wore me out this weekend. Not only did we stay up way past our bed time, but we did all sorts of exciting things.


On Friday night, Mommy took me to a nearby festival (or street fair) for dogs which was very exciting for me, but not so much for her. She entered me in a pet contest which required us to visit five different stations to get judged (from a scale of 1 to 7) on appearance, temperament and behavior. These stations were booths from area businesses promoting their products or services. Some were pet related, but most weren't.

Some lady gave me a six on appearance and temperament. Seriously, I'm cute. I think worth at least a ten and yes, I know I can be quite rambunctious, but I was trying to be charming. I worked it for the judges. I'd go to the judges (who were mostly women) and prop myself up on their legs and with my tongue hanging outside of my mouth I'd snort and breathe on them with my hot puggy breath as I gave them the "adoring and hopeful pug look."

Like this:
OR this:

Or this:

Apparently, it only worked on 3 of the judges. The other two just gave me a 6 out of seven for appearance. I ended up missing a perfect score by only three points. Nevertheless, despite the fact that we were both hot and tired and wanted to go home, we stuck around for awards, because we were, after all, missing only three points.

I lost. I lost to a Bernese Mountain Dog, a brown weimaraner and a yorki-poo that was being carted around in a toy baby-doll buggy. Yes, my sentiments exactly.

Mother thought the Bernese Mountain Dog and the yorki-poo was cute, but we're confused about the weimaraner.

Oh well, I still felt like celebrity dog because it seemed like everyone we walked buy would exclaim "Oh, look, a cute pug!" Or they would ask if they could pet me and give me treats.

This was the first time I've been out on city-streets like this and I enjoyed sniffing the streets, seeing the other dogs and trying to eat the broken dog treats on the ground-nevermind, the fact it was laying in a pile of other doggy vomit.


On Saturday, Mommy and I went for a drive and checked out a new dog park about half an hour from where we live. It was a very nice park situated right along a large lake. There was a separate section for large dogs and small dogs, but they also had a beach. It just so happens that this beach is one of the top ten dog beaches in America.

I wasn't very sure about going in the water. The boxer and basset hound seemed to really enjoy running in the water after each other. But, I don't even like to take baths. What makes Mommy think I'll go in the water?

So I walked up to the water's edge and watched the little waves come in. Geez, it really did look like fun....

So I tested the water and realized I would get wet and thought "no way."

As I watched the other dogs run in and out of the water I was envious. I wanted to have that much fun, but I admit I was scared. I looked up at Mommy and she knew what I was thinking. She took a few steps in the water and after seeking that she was OK, I joined her.

(Sorry the photo is rotated. It's not stored on the computer like this. I think it is something Blogger did, so I've put Mommy to task on fixing this...yeah, right.)

It actually wasn't too bad...well, that is until a little wave lapped up against me and startled me. The water felt cool and refreshing, but I don't understand how the other dogs were having so much fun in it. I might have had to venture out father into the water to really find out, but I was afraid and Mommy wouldn't walk into the water any further. I figured there was a legitimate reason why and I would just follow her lead. I also didn't know what I was supposed to do in the water so I started drinking it. That's when Mommy decided we'd go play on the beach.

We stayed and played at the beach for a little while. There was this basset hound that kept trying to chase me around on the beach. Hahah. Funniest thing ever. He was long, had a well-rounded tummy, and stubs for legs. Now, I can flip around and run really fast, but this dog...well, let's just say he made my Mom giggle a lot when he tried to run to chase me. As I ran, he waddled and hopped and howled at me.

We eventually went back to the small dog park (before we went to the beach we stopped by the small dog area. I wasn't being very social and I made Mommy chase me). This time, I actually socialized with the humans and played with the other dogs (including a very peculiar Italian Greyhound). There were two fawns that came up to the fence. I suppose they wanted to watch us play. I never noticed them, but the humans did. They eventually got chased off by some mutts.

Combined with the hour drive and playing at the park for nearly an hour and a half, I felt like I had a long day. I was glad to come home and I slept for the rest of the evening, well, and I started a new game with Mommy. I bark and whine at her then run over to my treat bowl to see how many treats she'll give me. Turns out she'll give me quite a few. It helps that I am quite irresistible and when I really want something I can sound quite demanding.

Since I need a nap right now, I'll tell you about Sunday later...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We really dropped the ball on this one, haven't we?

We lied. Well, we didn't lie, we just jumped the gun. You see, there was a neat blog design we were going to use for my blog, but we had to create a dummy blog first to see how it would turn out.

It was not the easiest design to implement and I'm afraid that by implementing the new design we may lose a lot of the content in this blog already. Quite frankly, we don't want that to happen.

So, Mommy decided she'd look for a new blog design, but has yet to find one. So for now, changes aren't going to happen soon. We'd like to change the design, but we don't know when that will happen. Maybe one day you'll load the pages of my blog and there it will be.

In the meantime, we'll try to catch up on blogging, but we can't make any guarantees.