Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a time of celebration with family and friends, is just around the corner. Families are preparing feasts that are sure to make a dogs mouth water and the buttons on their human's shirts to pop. In order to kick off my Thanksgiving holiday I am going to list the things I am thankful for the most.

My Happy Thanksgiving Thanks List:
1. I'm thankful for my indestructable "Suspicious" chicken created by Fat Cat, Inc. Without that, I'd have no toys to play with right now. Not only that, but I'd have no way of transferring my slobber onto my Mommy. Nor would I have anything to shove in her face or distract her when she tries to study.

2. My Daddy and Mommy. I am glad that I was adopted into such a great home.

3. ALL of my Grandparents and Uncles! They give me a lot of love and attention. There is also a lot of space for me to run! With or without my collar!

4. The dog park. I like to make a new friend every once-in-a-while and I love to run around and chase the other dogs. Even if they aren't chasing me.

5. The King size bed in my parents room. I'd rather sleep under the covers there rather than in my crate. It's much warmer and cozier.

What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving Dinner for Your Dog
The holidays are here which means many people are spoiling their pets. Perhaps this is through buying them new toys, clothes, or by feeding them human food. Since dogs love to be spoiled we would not turn down anything including human food. The more better. Well actually, more is not better.

For one, dogs have very sensitive stomachs and often-times we can't digest certain foods. We are usually used to eating the same food or at least the same type of food everyday. Any minor adjustment in what we eat can cause some unpleasant consequences in which our humans would be required to clean up or smell. Either case it is not pretty.

Second, some food is just not healthy for us to eat. For instance bones and turkey skin. Bones can sometimes splinter and will make our insides hurt. It can tear up or block our gastrointestinal tract. Turkey skin is filled with a lot of fatty acids that are hard for us to digest properly.

Just make sure that before you feed your dogs and Thanksgiving leftovers to do your research. Grapes and onions seem harmless, but it fact can be very dangerous to your beloved dog. If you decide to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for your dog, try to prepare it in advance. For instance, separate a little pile of mashed potatoes for your before you prepare it with the butter, salt and sour cream or whatever great stuff you put in it.
Thanksgiving Tips Your Dog Will Thank You For

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Woman Tricked Me

Mommy enticed good behavior out of me today by saying that we were going to go for a car ride. I thought we were going to go somewhere fun. Nope. I sat in the car while Mommy made a few quick errands. Then, we went to PetSmart. Finally the fun begins. I like going there. I was so excited to get out of the car that I got my leash caught on something in the car. So while Mommy was trying to get me loose I kept tugging on my leash trying to get out of the car. At the same time I tried to escape, Mommy unhooked my leash off of whatever it was stuck on and it slipped out of her hand. At this time, I bolted out of the car into the parking lot. This caused Mommy to step on my leash in order to catch me. In return it caused my collar to snap in half. I'm Free! I ran around the parking lot sniffing medians filled with mulch and grass. I was excited to explore my new surroundings. Mommy on the other hand was not so happy with me. She finally caught me when I went over to say "hi" to another canine friend. Again, I was careless. After Mommy caught me she took me into the store. Where, I got my nails trimmed. I was NOT a happy dog. I did get a new collar, but not the one Mommy and I liked. The one we liked was too big, so we got a cheaper one till we find the one we both like. The big lesson learned today: No more car rides.

I can't tell if Mommy really loves me after all or if she is having a hard time doing so. I say this because she took me to the dog park where I got harrassed by a huge bull mastiff puppy and bit in the hiney by a husky, whom I bit right back.

I know she took me there because she wanted me to have fun. But, I can safely say I was not enjoying it. Finally a few little dogs came to play, but after the big dog fight I got involved in (twice), I did not want to play. So we went home.

I hope we go back soon just not when the husky and mastiff are there. I have to go. Mommy is calling me.

Did somebody say car ride?

Monday, November 20, 2006

In the Dog House

Mommy just came home from her PR class at the now completely, littered OSU campus. It's about time. She didn't feel very guilty leaving me locked up in my crate while she ran errands and went to class.

I was bad today. Mommy was taking the trash out today when I snuck out of the apartment. Her arms were full with the trash and other items. I looked at it as an opportunity. Hey, I've been cooped up a bit lately now that the weather is getting colder. Can you blame me?

I was so happy to be outside-I ran all around the parking lot near where we live. Normally when I get out I stick close to my parents. One of the Middle Eastern families who live here were out and I ran over to them and scared one of the women. I was just trying to say, "hi" but I don't think she wanted to say "hi". She threw her diet coke at me. Thankfully, with my quick reflexes, I narrowly escaped having to take a bath. Mommy chased me around while I was obstinate and ignored her unhappy "Come here"s. The man and the other women with her were laughing. I think they were laughing at my Mommy's foolish attempt to catch me. Ahhh...the things I do for laughs.

Mommy tried apologizing for my unruly behavior, but I don't think they understand. Arabic might come in handy for her after all. I finally started to wear down and I got careless. Mommy caught me and threw me in the house while she finished her outdoor chores. Then I got put in my crate and she left. At least I got to run around for about 15 minutes AND she left Animal Planet on the TV for me.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mommy gave me this crunchy yellow stick thing called a carrot. I had to play with it first. Playing with new toys or treats is my form of inspection.

I'm busy being cool. Now leave me alone.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Reason Why Dogs Bury Their Bones

I say that anything that falls to the floor, or within easy reach on a table, chair or desk is fair game for me to chew or eat if I happen to be given the chance. Well, this thin card appeared out of nowhere and so I picked it up with my mouth and carried it to my private chewing spot on the other side of the dining room table. I chew there because it buys me a few more seconds since Mommy and Daddy can't get to me that easily. I liked this new prize. It was thin, crispy and parts of it were bumpy. It was a treat for my senses. I laid there chewing when I heard the dreaded call come from somewhere upstairs, "Oscar! Where are you? Come here!" So, without thinking I ran upstairs with the card in my mouth. I got yelled at and the credit card was taken away. Not my lucky day. I thought I found something special. I almost punched enough holes in it so that I could eat it. Next time, I'll have to bury my new treasures.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Next Trick!

The French just think they are sooooo smart! least this French pug is! This is Francois Le Pug from

I'm going to have Mommy teach me how to do this..that is if she can stop cleaning and studying and pay attention to me FOR ONCE!

Click on the title to view.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

To Live on the Edge!

Whoa, Dudes! Check this out!

I'm glad I live a boring life! Woof!