Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a time of celebration with family and friends, is just around the corner. Families are preparing feasts that are sure to make a dogs mouth water and the buttons on their human's shirts to pop. In order to kick off my Thanksgiving holiday I am going to list the things I am thankful for the most.

My Happy Thanksgiving Thanks List:
1. I'm thankful for my indestructable "Suspicious" chicken created by Fat Cat, Inc. Without that, I'd have no toys to play with right now. Not only that, but I'd have no way of transferring my slobber onto my Mommy. Nor would I have anything to shove in her face or distract her when she tries to study.

2. My Daddy and Mommy. I am glad that I was adopted into such a great home.

3. ALL of my Grandparents and Uncles! They give me a lot of love and attention. There is also a lot of space for me to run! With or without my collar!

4. The dog park. I like to make a new friend every once-in-a-while and I love to run around and chase the other dogs. Even if they aren't chasing me.

5. The King size bed in my parents room. I'd rather sleep under the covers there rather than in my crate. It's much warmer and cozier.

What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving Dinner for Your Dog
The holidays are here which means many people are spoiling their pets. Perhaps this is through buying them new toys, clothes, or by feeding them human food. Since dogs love to be spoiled we would not turn down anything including human food. The more better. Well actually, more is not better.

For one, dogs have very sensitive stomachs and often-times we can't digest certain foods. We are usually used to eating the same food or at least the same type of food everyday. Any minor adjustment in what we eat can cause some unpleasant consequences in which our humans would be required to clean up or smell. Either case it is not pretty.

Second, some food is just not healthy for us to eat. For instance bones and turkey skin. Bones can sometimes splinter and will make our insides hurt. It can tear up or block our gastrointestinal tract. Turkey skin is filled with a lot of fatty acids that are hard for us to digest properly.

Just make sure that before you feed your dogs and Thanksgiving leftovers to do your research. Grapes and onions seem harmless, but it fact can be very dangerous to your beloved dog. If you decide to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for your dog, try to prepare it in advance. For instance, separate a little pile of mashed potatoes for your before you prepare it with the butter, salt and sour cream or whatever great stuff you put in it.
Thanksgiving Tips Your Dog Will Thank You For


Boo Boo said...

Hi Oscar,

I am thankful for the humans who rescued me from the street and giving me a nice good home :)

T-man said...

Do you tear up your toys too? My mom is going to check out that chicken toy. I hope it tastes good at least :)

Winston said...

Hey Oscar,
I am thankful for my human servants and food. Also, thanks for the advice on what to and not to eat, but it came a little too late. I was cleaning up after my mommy and the onions, and celery tha I kept eating was too much for me and I threw up...four times. Daddy wasn't thrilled about cleaning it up, but, amazingly, I didn't get in trouble because my servants seemed to have blamed themselves. I'm gonna add you to my friends list, I hope that's ok.

The Grand Duke

Dory and Liza said...

Oscar - Just pawing to forward! We both think you are adorable!! Dory says she is thankful for pizza and Labs4Rescue the group that found her a new home.