Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Taking A Short Break-We Hope It's Short

It is a cold, grey, rainy and overall a gloomy day. A perfect day to be sad, angry, depressed and scared. Last night, we were the victims of a burglery. Although I always knew that something like this could happen, I never thought that it actually would. A few items of great importance to us were stolen including my laptop and digital camera. I realize that our situation could be much worse, and I am thankful that nothing else went wrong.

As a result however, I will not be able to update Oscar's blog for a few days or even weeks. I will have no vehicle upon which I can publish nor do I have any pictures. Every picture I took over the past several years are gone, including all of Oscar's pictures minus the ones I've published. The fact that all these things and more are gone depresses me.

I've never had anything stolen from me before. I didn't realize how vulnerable and unsafe it can make one feel-or at least me. Obviously, my little Oscar did little to deter the thief(s); he must not be that ferocious anymore. ;)


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