Friday, December 29, 2006

A Week in Review...Almost

Here is Mommy's gingerbread house she made, inspired by Martha Stewart. Daddy calls it the "Gingerbread Unibomber's Shed." It really is bad isn't it? I just hope she lets me eat it!

Here, I am desperately waiting to get to my Grandparents so it can be Christmas.

Before Daddy gave Mommy her camera for Christmas, he took a few pictures of the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center in NYC.

Enjoying my Dingo beefy rawhide treats after opening my stocking:

Here I am trying to play with my cousin. He's only two months older than me! I think we could be good friends!

He giggles an awful lot!

More pictures may follow later!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Scary Christmas Excitement

Yikes, too much excitement is not good! While everyone was eating, I was sent to my bed in a room on the opposite end of the house from everyone. Now, does that sound like a place for a pug to be on CHRISTMAS? I didn't think so. I protested, but no one listened to me. No amount of barking or banging around in my crate could have changed that. Trust me, I tried. Nearly two hours later (maybe less than that, but it sure felt like forever), Mommy came back and let me out.

When she returned, she saw me with bubbled drool all over my face. I was fine, but she didn't know that. I wasn't about to tell her either because I wanted her to feel bad for making me stay in my crate. After wiping off my face and sending me outside with Daddy to take care of my business, she returned to my new but now completely soaking wet bed. That scared her, because she could tell that it was not urine. Mommy was scared that I got into something that was toxic. After some research and talking with her cousin (who studied Animal Science in college), Mommy learned that too much excitement can cause excessive drooling in dogs.

(I'm laying in my new bed..Oh, and my postman is waving "hello")

I felt badly for Mommy so, I decided not to lay around and act sick. I ran around the house with the rest of the kids-including my 13 month old cousin.

I am sick though: Mommy took me to the vet and I have a bacterial AND yeast infection in my ear-but, it's mostly yeast. We're not sure what caused it. I went to a new vet, one I've never been to before. It was scary. The stuck things in my ears to look at it and I got a cortizone steroid shot. They even clipped my nails (but, they're better at it than Mommy and Daddy).

My Uncle was at his vet the same time I was at mine. We both got shots, but I'm lucky, I didn't get any shots in my behind. He's got a peritonsilar abscess that has completely closed off one side of his throat. I hope he gets better soon!

My Very First Christmas!

So much for having a white Christmas this year. Maybe next year. It was awfully wet, rainy and muddy. It didn't really feel like Christmas when you went outside, but inside my Grandparent's house-it was really Christmas.

I had a great Christmas! Mommy and Daddy and I celebrated Christmas on Saturday before we left for the country. I got a new bed, a harness and a new Fat Cat toy: the Angry Kitty. I really like my bed. Mom and Dad leave it out of my crate so I can sleep in it when I'm tired. I won't go in my bed if it's in my crate 'cause then they might shut the door. That ruins all my fun.

Christmas is so much fun..and tiring...and exciting, but so worth it! We spent the day at my Mommy's parents house where her four little brothers still live (they're all under the age of 17-so no dead beats yet). I was so excited that when Grandpa let me out of my crate, I ran all through the house barking, "It's Christmas, it's Christmas!" I must be awfully special because I was the first boy downstairs. No one is aloud to go downstairs until everyone is ready! We open up our stockings, then we eat breakfast-usually cinnamon rolls-and then we get to open our presents!

It was so much fun watching my uncles open presents. I was hoping they'd get some treats and share them with me. They did get some treats in their stockings, but they said they'd be bad for me.

I even had my own stocking: I got three different dingo treats. They are like mini rawhide bones. Two packages were meat flavored and one is supposed to be minty and good for me. I kept trying to dig my nails into them until Mommy finally got the hint and gave me one. I got to eat the beefy dingo and one of the dental sticks.

Grandpa and Grandma H gave me a pig hoof and the Fat Cat postman toy. He's my favorite. Actually, I really like the hoof, it smelled so bad and tasted so good. It's been missing since Saturday and I can't find it. Grandma lost it and I'm not sure that it was an accident. I think it's pay back time. Yellow carpet maybe? I thought it was rude to give a gift to someone and then take it away? I think Mommy may have something to do with this too....hmmm....

Friday, December 22, 2006

Can Anyone Say 'Consolation Gifts'?

Mommy and her bright ideas. I tell you! I know now that when I see peanut butter, I need to run like the wind. Sad thing is, I really love peanut butter not bleeding to death. Mommy thought that since we're going to the country in a few days and since my nails are long past trim time, that it seemed like a good time to get the peanut butter and nail clippers out. I saw the peanut butter and knew what was going to happen.

I attacked the peanut butter spoon, hoping to finish it all before Mommy started the clipping. It didn't really work. I resorted to squirming and whining. That didn't work. I tried screaming and squeeling like I was dying but, that didn't work. I even sneezed peanut butter into Mommy's face. I aimed straight for the eyes!

Mommy and Daddy laughed, so i thought I was free. Then they tightened their grip on me. So, I wiggled some more. That deffinitely did NOT work. In fact, that's why I'm practically missing a toe nail. I SCREAMED. It really scared Mommy, but I seemed OK. It really hurt just for a moment, but don't tell her that. Then, after a moment, the blood started squirting out of my paw. They didn't even notice at first.

So, I hopped around the house. Next thing I know, my Mommy is crying and I'm being swept away-still oozing. They stuck my paw in this grainy powdery stuff called styptic that's supposed to stop the bleeding. WRONG. They thought it was clotted but it wasn't. So, I got a bath. Fun. The whole time Mommy is profusely apologizing for this drama that unfolded at midnight. Geez, how many times can you be sorry?

Everything's OK now-was the thinking. So, they let me loose. Loose to bleed all over the carpet again. Then, I was wisked away again. This time, no more styptic powder. Flour. Anyone want to bake a cake with me?

After barracading me in the kitchen and dredging my paw in flour for a number of times, they finally decided enough was enough. There was nothing more that could be done. They dredged my paw one last time and put me in my crate and gave me three treats. Three treats!! I wasn't happy about not being able to sleep with my parents. Especially since I just needed a lot of love. But, they weren't sure I was done clotting. Plus, I got three treats!

Mommy feels badly. We won't tell her it only hurt for a second. She cried a lot, but she blames it on the fact that she was already emotionally distraught from watching the Cinderella Man. Who cries during a boxing movie? Sometimes, I really wonder who the real child is in my family. In fairness too, Mommy really wasn't sure how badly hurt I really was. She thought the styptic powder would clot my nail right away. In the end, it looked like a murder scene in our apartment. Actually, Daddy looked like the murder scene. He's the one who kept transporting me through the house. He could have passed for either suspect or victim.

This morning, I'm fine. Ready to start a new day and wait for my consolation gifts!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dear Santa,

I hope you are staying warm up in the North Pole. I hope you are checking your list twice, because I have been very well behaved lately and so I think I deserve lots of presents. Ask my Mommy. She will agree. So, I was told that if I am a good boy and I write you a list of what I want for Christmas, that I will get my wish.

Santa this is what I want for Christmas:

1. Rawhide bones-gives me an excuse to chew and eat

2. More treats-although, I still have a box full

3. More toys-I can always use more toys, but Mommy thinks I need more "play by myself toys"

4. Harness/Halter-

I need this Santa. This way Mommy won't choke me when I tug on the leash

5.The spiderman name tag-If I get lost then people will know who I belong to. Plus, it's spiderman and he's cool.

6. A new bed-I've greatly outgrown my baby bed. Any of the following will do:

7. A Pet hampster. Boy, that would be so much fun! I'd name im Harry. I promise I'll feed him and take him out everyday.

I think thats all I want. I could use more sweaters and tee-shirts, but last time I wore a sweater I got made fun of by my Mommy and Daddy's friends. Actually, Mommy is the one who got made fun of. Anyway.

I promise I will continue being a good boy!


Oscar Wolfgang the Ferocious Pug

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jingle Pet Song

In the spirit of Christmas:

Jingle cats!

I was going to say something like: Cats are usually such dignified animals, so why would they create a video like this and humiliate their species? Then I heard that there is a Jingle Dogs video somewhere. However, I am sure that it will be much better than this one.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Last Weekend (part 2)

We finally arrived at the family's house. It was nicely decorated for Christmas. Not a square inch wasn't covered by some sort of Christmas decoration. It really put me in the Christmas mood! Which, is in seven days!! I can't wait till Santa Claus comes!

Anyway, I got to meet my Aunt Peg for the first time. She lives in Hungary. I really wasn't sure about her at first. Although to be fair, she doesn't really like dogs either. Anyway, I heard the she gets called "Pugsley,"and "Pug," and Mommy told me that this man calls her "Pig." She said that is because he is from New Zealand, but what significance that has I do not know. So, I was really confused because those are names you would call a Pug. I wasn't sure if she was a pug or not. She's related to Mommy so she has to be human. Does that mean she's a human pug? Does she have a curly tail? I also thought I might be afraid of her because Mommy said she gets surprised her eyes practically pop out of her head. If you're needing an analogy think Barney Fife from "Andy Griffeth."

Well, I found out she is fully human and not part pug or pig. I tried to respect her personal space and I left her alone for the most part. I didn't want to startle her and have her eyes pop out. I think I'm too young to see that. Sometimes,I'd go say "hi" to her and that usually seemed OK. Actually, I'm not sure she knew what to do, but since

The rumor is: She kind of likes me. It's supposed to be a secret too. So don't let her know that I know that she kind of likes me. I mean, how can you resist a cute little face like this one:

This Past Weekend (part 1)

My Mommy doesn't listen to me and I'm sure glad she doesn't, otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten that treat. You see, on Friday, since Daddy was out-of-town,Mommy and I left to go back to the country to visit our family. Oh, and Mommy went to a wedding too. Anyway, back to my story. I was really excited to leave. I was looking forward to playing with my Uncles and running around the four acre yard till my body ached or till I was too tired to stay awake(which neither will stop me).

We were already getting a late start. Mommy hoped to leave around 9:30 am., it didn't help that we went back to bed after Daddy left. Blah. We more or less got up around then. Mommy packed up the car, I jumped in and we pulled out of the apartment parking lot. Then, she turned the wrong way! I couldn't believe it! "Where do you think we're going?! You're supposed to go the other way!" I barked.

She pulled up to this big square beeping machine. She put a card in it, and pressed some buttons which beeped every time they were touched. It sounded like a space robot. Then it gave her some money and her card back and we drove off. And if earning money wasn't enough, she had to go spend it.

She drove up to another square box only this one talked instead of beeped. She spoke to a machine and the machine spoke back to her.Weird. Then we pulled up to the window and she got her coffee. Makes me wish I had a robot that would carry out my orders. I saw the lady in the window and I wanted her attention so I viciously barked at her. It worked, because she handed Mommy a nicely sized dog treat. Not to small and not to big. Mommy thought it was a nice distraction for me so she could get her coffee and change without me jumping all over her.

I guess we will now be forgoing our Starbucks for road trips and instead go to Caribou Coffee. Fine with me, I love treats.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Fun! Blog Tag!

So, I've been tagged by my friends Duke and Gidget and Scrappy. Now you're probably wondering-"How do you play tag on a blog?" Well, it's more like, someone tags you and then you follow their directions on what to blog about. Today, it's Christmas tag so I am to write about three things I want for Christmas and three things I don't want for christmas.

Three Things I Want For Christmas:
1. A personal backyard so I can run and play without supervision-or Mom chasing me around telling me to "come" because that is no fun
2. Lots of treats! Come on Mr. Vet. pugs are supposed to be fat!
3. I wouldn't mind another rawhide bone, seeing as how those will occupy me for hours when I'm bored. Plus, it's edible unlike this new boring bone I have.

Three Things I Don't Want For Christmas
1. To go to the big dog park to be mauled by a husky and shar pei.
2. To go on another diet. Again, pugs are supposed to be a bit round in the middle.
3. For Mommy to stop yelling at me when I try to eat..I the mail. Yes, for Mommy to stop yelling at me when I read the mail. I'm only trying to keep up with what's going on in my parents world.
4. To have Mommy stop shoving me around in the bed when I'm sleeping with her and Daddy. It really disturbs my sleep!

OK. I need to tag five people and Duke and Gidget tagged some of the people I was going to tag. I'm tagging Mylo. I hope he's feeling better, he just ate a lot of yarn. Mary Margarate O'Brien, she's a pretty little lady. Bailey; Cairo, he's kind of funny. Puggy's World, he's an older pug. I look to him for wisdom sometime. He's also from Singapore and I think he calls his parents Fat Fat. I'm not sure.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Alright, who's idea was it to put this itchy thing on me?

Fine, you can take my picture; but, I better get a treat for this!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You and I

I'm on TV! Well, I'm not, but a pug just like me is. Thanks to Olgivy and Mather, who have a great understanding of the pug breed, utilized our need for constant human companionship to create a great advertising campaign for Hutchison Essar (Hutch), a telecom company in India. This ad campaign was created three years ago and is still aired today. After it was aired, the price of pugs went up!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's Christmasy Here!

Last weekend Mommy and Daddy put up our christmas tree and decorated the tree and the house! I love the burgandy and gold colors and all the pretty white lights! It makes me feel cheerful..and curious!

Mommy says that if I am a good boy, Santa Claus will come bring me presents and treats on Christmas Day! What fun that would be! I'll have to work extra hard at being good! I might even have presents already! I can't wait!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Under the Misteltoe

Because Mommy is in advertising and because TBWA/Chiat Day is one of the largest and most prestigious ad firms in the world-I present to you the following spot:

To my young puppy readers: parental supervision is advised. ;)

Friday, December 08, 2006

It's About Time!

Finally, they left! Now, Mommy and I have the house to ourselves. No more clunking and banging around with scary tools. I don't know what Mommy's deal was. She acted like nothing was wrong. I kept barking, "Mommy! What's wrong you with you? Can't you see this is not the time to be baking cookies or catching up on celebrity news?! Can't you see we've been invaded?!" But noooooo she doesn't listen to me! She didn't seem to care, and now all she wants to do is take a hot bath. Apparently, humans have to have hot water. Ugh. That was stressful. I think I'll take a nap. Wait! What's that noise?! Someone is blasting loud music. I've got to go investigate!


Help! Now there are two strange men in my territory! I don't know what to do. They are sitting in the utility closet making all sorts of loud scary sounds! They've got these strange looking tools, with pinchy and pointy things on the end, one of the tools they have makes this strange, hot fiery light when the button is pushed. Others have huge flat metal heads. I don't like these tools. They look scary-they look like they'd hurt if someone touched me with them. There are wires all over too and ohh...what's this? It's small and pointy..looks like a nail. Hmm...I'll have to keep this in mind. I don't know what to do about these guys....I have to protect Mommy. I guess all I can do is run around and bark at them, make them know who's boss around here!
I don't like this. Something doesn't feel good to me. Yesterday this man came in our house and banged around in our utility closet. Mommy wouldn't let me go near him and she held me the whole time he was here. He was only here for five minutes-not even that. Then later in the evening, another Man came..twice. He banged around in our utility closet too. Each time, I got locked up in the room upstairs. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but when company comes, don't I get to say "hi?" I usually get to stay downstairs with the company. Today, the same man came and Mommy locked me up in the bedroom upstairs. This man makes a lot of noise too...and he made a nice mess for me clean up after. He tracked in dirt-yummy. I think he's still going to come back because he left the utility closet open and his tools are still here. Hopefully this time, Mommy won't shut me up in the bedroom.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I thought I was in for a treat when Mommy put my new sweater on me, grabbed my leash and her purse and ran out the door. I thought with the slightly warmer weather that we were going to the dog park, however I was sorely disappointed. Rather than leave me in my crate all afternoon, Mom thought it would be fun to take me a long. I didn't mind because I enjoy car rides, that is if I can go to the stores too. Instead, I got locked in the car for 5-10 minutes while Mommy went from store to store to store. This went on for four hours. So, for four houses I barked to protest me being left alone in the car. I also got tired of barking at all the pedestrians. It becomes pointless after awhile too. Nobody seems to understand dog for "Hey! You over there! Come here! Come pet me! Get me out of this car!"

I did get to go to college today. Sort of, again, I got left in the car at the Starbucks parking lot while Mommy tried to sell back her school books. Again, no one came to pet me or rescue me from the huge prison I was left in. Mommy and I were going to take a walk on the Oval on The Ohio State campus, but we didn't have time.

Yaaawwwwnnn! I gotta go take my nap.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Talking Dogs

I'll just let these guys do the talking for me..

Monday, December 04, 2006

Oscar Playing With Kitty

This is a video of me playing with Kitty. Sorry for all the background noise and poor video quality. It's not good enough to show, but I'm going to anyway.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Feline Friend

Meet my new friend Kitty. I met her at my Grandparents' farm. She is a calico who was taken in because her owners couldn't keep her after they moved. Kitty was an outdoor cat, but today Grandma C. let her in the house because Grandpa C. was not home. I got to play with Kitty while she was in the house. I met her out in the yard before she came in the house, but it wasn't until she was in my territory that we became friends...I think. I'm still trying to figure out if she liked me or not. I'm glad we were able to get pictures of us together.

A few days after I went back home to the city, I found out Kitty died. She was killed after a car ran her over one night. I will always remember her for she was my first feline friend. She will always remain my special friend regardless of how she felt about me.