Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Break From A Hiatus

Well, I have to apologize for not writing anything here lately. Mommy has been very busy lately. She was busy the last few weeks trying to set up interviews to write a news story, not to mention she forgot the username to my blog. She also finally got a job at an advertising agency (no hurrah's for her yet, it's just temporary). I finally was able to pin her down and force her to update everyone about my life. So, here is an update on my life in the past week.

I got neutered, that's not new news. But two days later I developed a corneal ulcer on my eye. I'm not sure how it happened. I must have scratched it or something, I'm not sure how. It doesn't help that my eyes bug out of my head. Anyhow, a week later (yes, i suffered for a week with a large, swollen eye before she would take me to vet), to find out that: OH! maybe there really is something wrong with my eye. In fairness, when she called the vet the next Monday they said the next apointment wouldn't be till Friday and I already had a vet apt. that day to get my sutures out. So they gave me a tube of ointment to put on my eye. It's supposed to help my ulcer go away, but I didn't like it. So I ate it.

I'm being taught how to walk on a leash. Last Sunday, I was going to go to the dog park to play, but NO ONE was there. It has never been more empty. So, Daddy and Mommy took me to this park where Mommy goes running. After being tugged back on the leash a couple times, I learned not to pull away from them. Forget all the dog training rules, that doesn't work on pugs.

At the park, I learned that I'm afraid of: bikes, rollarblades, and other people running.

I also overheard my parents talking, something about me not being able to go back to the dog park. Apparently, I still like the ladies...a bit too much....what can I say? I'm a handsome pug.


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Nia said...

Oscar, you've been tagged! Check out my blog for rules.

Mommy says you have a sweet face!
Love Mylo