Monday, July 30, 2007


Mommy and I spent most of last week hanging out, just the two of us, because Daddy was out-of-town for business. We had a lot of fun, but I wish she played with me more. All she wanted to do was read. Boring!

Friday afternoon, Mommy came home early from work and she and I hopped in the car. We went to the airport to go pick up Daddy. However, when we got there, Mommy noticed that she had a text message from him. Apparently, his flight was delayed by 45 minutes. Although his message wasn't very clear on how long he was delayed or when his flight was due. So, not wanting to drive all the way home just-in-case Daddy wasn't delayed that long, Mommy decided to look for a place to park the car.

As the sky darkened and threatened to storm, Mommy realized we might be waiting awhile for Daddy's flight to come in. So, we went to McDonald's. We pulled in at the drive-thru and Mommy ordered a small box of chicken nuggets. I was kind of mad at her for not buying me any. Then she parked the car and took the box out-of the bag. She better share that with me!

Mommy picked up a nugget tore a piece off and told me to sit. I sat. Sort of. I lowered my front paws down on the console in between the two front seats. I guess it was good enough because after a few seconds the lightly fried, tender piece of chicken was sitting in a pile of mush in my stomach. Yummy!

Mommy kept tearing off little pieces of chicken and hand-fed me the pieces. I kept waiting for her to give me the entire nugget, but that never came, just the tiny little pieces. We sat in the car for half-an-hour while the rain poured. It thundered a little, but nothing serious to get me worried. When Mommy first turned the car off, I danced around the car for a few seconds to figure out where the loud jet engines were coming from. I ducked my head a few times, but then I realized they posed no threat. I was also more interested in my chicken nuggets.

It finally stopped raining and when I finished MY whole box of chicken nuggets, Mommy and I drove around for a little bit. About an hour later, Daddy's plane finally landed and soon we were headed home.

I can't wait to go with Mommy to pick up Daddy from the airport again. I also hope we can go to McDonald's more often. Next time, I'm getting a cheeseburger.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Caught Red Pawed

The parents always have to spoil my fun. Why can't they relax when I'm not in the room or when its quiet? It doesn't always mean I'm getting into forbidden things like the trash can in the bathroom. I mean, say even if I did start eating things out of the trash in the bathroom, wouldn't that be their own fault for keeping an open trash can on the floor and then not feeding me enough? That's what I thought, but no, I'm the one who gets spanked and yelled at.

Today, I did not get into the trash can in the bathroom. Today, I decided I'd find something else that I could play with that might not be forbidden. How would I know until I try?

Oh, how I was wrong!

The other night, Mommy and Daddy were zonked out in front of the TV and so I took the opportunity to snoop. I walked into the bathroom to see what was in the trash, but it was empty. I noticed to my left that the toilet paper was running down off the role. After much thought (only 2 seconds) I decided to take it.

I snatched a corner and ran to hide so I could eat it before anyone would know.

As I reached the door to the bedroom I realized something did not feel right and when I turned around, my suspicions rang true.

What am I going to do? How do I get this back on the roll? How will I ever eat ALL of this? I thought. I really just wanted that one piece. Then, I heard a rustling noise. Great! My parents are coming; I'm in so much trouble!

I was prepared to run, but then I saw Daddy's legs. I realized at that point I was better off staying and taking the punishment. So, I ran. I ran fast. But, then he called me back and I realized I should go. So I crawled over to him and wagged my tail as fast as I could. It was my way of saying, "I'm sorry."

Well, it must have worked because when Mommy came in she laughed. You could see she tried not to, but she was, and then Daddy started laughing. Thats when I realized everything was going to be OK.

Whew! That was a close one. I'll have to be more careful in the future! I am learning quickly though. The lesson learned: I will not get in trouble if I am cute and funny things happen while I am in the midst of being bad.

I Rock! But, you already knew that!

Here is the proof:

This badge was given to me by Ronin, who is also a pug, as a testament to the fact that I am a "Rockin' Guy Blogger." I have accepted this badge with honor and hope that I can live up to the standards in which it was given to me.

Thank you, Ronin!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Adventures at Geese Pond

Usually in the evenings, when the weather is cool enough, Mother and I will take a walk after she comes home from work. I always look forward to our walks because I never know what adventures may occur.

On days when Mommy is slow or needs a reminder that it is time for our walk I will bark at her, stick my head on the box where my leash and halter are stored and then run to the back door and impatiently wait for her to get-a-clue! Sometimes it takes her awhile. Sometimes, no amount of barking, running towards the door, or tugging at my leash can get her to realize that "OH! It's time to take a walk." I think it's laziness and that she does it on purpose. She'll have to learn the hard way some day.

There are so many things to do and see while we walk. Once outside we see 'tweens on skateboards, joggers, families out walking with their kids and stroller, dogs walking their owners, and geese. Oh, the geese!

Our walks take us around a pond that we have dubbed geese pond for the geese are everywhere. They pretty much think they own the place. We can't usually walk on the sidewalk that lines the pond. We have to take the long way around the pond and walk on the road. If you don't take the road, you'll come in contact with a dangerous barricade of geese and the ground is coated in a layer of green goose pooh.

The geese are quite funny. They think they're so tough, but when I chase them they waddle for lives down into the pond. HA! As if the water will actually save them. One of these days I will go in there after them. Then we'll see who is hissing at me! When I walk up to them, they spread their wings, stretch their necks out of their fat round bodies, and then, of all things, they stick their tongues out at me. Usually, when the tongue is out they're hissing like cats. I think they're a little confused, but whatever they're trying to do it doesn't look pretty.

Once we are out of geese pond and geese territory-which is pretty much the entire apartment complex-we come across this little guy.

I don't like him although I do feel sorry for him. The first time we walked by him he begged me to help him escape. I couldn't get Mommy to comply. I don't know why he has to be chained up outside all the time. He is always barking at me and threatening me everytime we go by him now. I don't think he likes me now that I wouldn't help him escape, but like I'm going to help him escape when he keeps verbally attacking me. I am really confused by this dog and I think that is why I don't like him.

Well, that is pretty much my walk. The rest gets boring, I am not allowed to play with the skateboarders, chase baby strollers or run after other dogs. I've tried, but I'm kept on a pretty tight leash. Literally.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Worst Day of My Life

On July 3rd, I was taken to a veterinarian-if I may add, a mean one-to have my fractured tooth removed. Because it was my upper 4th premolar, it could only be removed through surgical extraction.

(Picture taken from "Dental Anatomy of Dogs

See dogs have four sets of teeth, their incisors, canine (the fang tooth), premolars and a set of molars. Typically, molars do not begin to erupt in dogs until they are between five and seven months of age. Dogs typically have 42 permanent teeth by the time they are seven months old.
For our permanent teeth we have about 20 teeth on the maxillary (upper) jaw and 22 teeth on the lower jaw. This is because we have an extra set of molars on our mandible (lower jaw).

The upper, 4th premolar, also known as the carnassial tooth is used for cutting and shearing food, and can only be removed through surgical extraction because it has three roots embedded in the jaw. Unfortunately, that was the tooth I fractured.

Extracting this tooth is more difficult and takes longer because each root has to be extracted separately.

So that Tuesday morning, Mommy dropped me off at the new (rude) veterinarian. I am confused as to why she trusted her enough to put me on anesthesia. Mommy actually got in an unpleasant spat with the veterinarian which almost resulted in me not getting my tooth removed. Which, I wouldn't have had a problem with.

Anyway, there is some risk involved with this surgery because the tooth is more difficult to extract and because pugs are considered at-risk patients for anesthesia. Pugs can be highly allergic or sensitive to anesthesia and it is not uncommon for us to not do well during or afterwards. There are different types of anesthesia and it seems that isoflurane is the best kind for pugs, but it probably depends on the type and duration of the surgery.

Although, the vet (a.k.a. Mr. Hyde) told Mommy that anesthesia is one of the most important thing she does and each minute I am under anesthesia is crucial and that is why she went back to school to get another degree in veterinarian dentistry. Now, she claims she can extract a tooth in 10-15 less than most other veterinarians. We weren't sure if it was a good thing or not, but it sounded convincing.

Except, afterwards, we found out that my tooth was very difficult to extract and therefore the surgery took longer.

I didn't get picked up until 4:00 PM when both Daddy and Mommy came to save me. I whimpered and whined, but I was too tired and in too much pain to really show them how excited how I was.

We came home and I slept. At first I laid in the big bed with Mommy for awhile, but then I decided I would be more comfortable in mine. So, I walked over to my bed and realized I didn't want to be in my crate. So Daddy took my bed out of the crate and put it by the couch. Mommy covered me up with a blanket and I slept their for awhile. Sometimes when I couldn't fall asleep I'd whimper and whine a little.

Later I decided that I wanted to sleep on the big bed again so I walked over to the bed and stood there waiting for Mommy. We climbed up on the bed and got comfortable when I decided that I wanted to be in my own bed. So I went to my own bed, climbed in, turned around in a few circles and laid down. Then I got up and walked to the big bed. Mommy finally figured out what I wanted and picked up my bed and put it on the big bed. It was darker and quieter in there and I slept better, especially when Mommy covered me with the blanket. Mommy just read and watched over me while I slept. I'd occasionally wake up and cry, but Mommy usually was pretty good about figuring out what I needed. Just kidding. I think she was pretty rude, by shoving the camera in my face and making the bright lights go off, not to mention it took her forever to figure out that I didn't want the bedroom TV on.

I was pretty pathetic, but what do you expect when your half out of it. I tried to manipulate the parents the next day. I'd whimper and whine (like in the video above) in between chasing my tail. It didn't work.

(You can tell Daddy took this picture!)

As much as Mommy hated to see me tired and in pain, she loved being able to worry about and take care of me, even though it broke her heart to hear me cry.

The next day I slept a lot, I was still tired and in a little pain, but it didn't stop me from chasing my tail. I just wish I could play with my toys. I am not allowed to chew on anything (including stuffed toys) for the next 14 days. I am also on a soft food diet, but I don't mind it because it is the best soft beef food I've ever had.