Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Scary Christmas Excitement

Yikes, too much excitement is not good! While everyone was eating, I was sent to my bed in a room on the opposite end of the house from everyone. Now, does that sound like a place for a pug to be on CHRISTMAS? I didn't think so. I protested, but no one listened to me. No amount of barking or banging around in my crate could have changed that. Trust me, I tried. Nearly two hours later (maybe less than that, but it sure felt like forever), Mommy came back and let me out.

When she returned, she saw me with bubbled drool all over my face. I was fine, but she didn't know that. I wasn't about to tell her either because I wanted her to feel bad for making me stay in my crate. After wiping off my face and sending me outside with Daddy to take care of my business, she returned to my new but now completely soaking wet bed. That scared her, because she could tell that it was not urine. Mommy was scared that I got into something that was toxic. After some research and talking with her cousin (who studied Animal Science in college), Mommy learned that too much excitement can cause excessive drooling in dogs.

(I'm laying in my new bed..Oh, and my postman is waving "hello")

I felt badly for Mommy so, I decided not to lay around and act sick. I ran around the house with the rest of the kids-including my 13 month old cousin.

I am sick though: Mommy took me to the vet and I have a bacterial AND yeast infection in my ear-but, it's mostly yeast. We're not sure what caused it. I went to a new vet, one I've never been to before. It was scary. The stuck things in my ears to look at it and I got a cortizone steroid shot. They even clipped my nails (but, they're better at it than Mommy and Daddy).

My Uncle was at his vet the same time I was at mine. We both got shots, but I'm lucky, I didn't get any shots in my behind. He's got a peritonsilar abscess that has completely closed off one side of his throat. I hope he gets better soon!


My Pugs Blogger said...

Sounds like an eventful weekend! I'm glad you are going to be feeling better soon, it's not fun to have infections (except for the yummy cheese or peanut butter that comes with the medication)

Just found your blog and hope you will come and check out us too.

Happy Holidays!

Kara said...

poor baby - feel better!

Duke & Gidget said...

Wow Oscar, sounds like lots of excitement at your house. I know about the drooling thing. When Mom and Dad first brought me home, I drooled all night. Mom was soaking wet by the time she went to bed. She thought I was going to be a drooler for the rest of my life, but fortunately I quit drooling after that.
We're sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. We hope both you and your Uncle get better real soon.