Monday, November 20, 2006

In the Dog House

Mommy just came home from her PR class at the now completely, littered OSU campus. It's about time. She didn't feel very guilty leaving me locked up in my crate while she ran errands and went to class.

I was bad today. Mommy was taking the trash out today when I snuck out of the apartment. Her arms were full with the trash and other items. I looked at it as an opportunity. Hey, I've been cooped up a bit lately now that the weather is getting colder. Can you blame me?

I was so happy to be outside-I ran all around the parking lot near where we live. Normally when I get out I stick close to my parents. One of the Middle Eastern families who live here were out and I ran over to them and scared one of the women. I was just trying to say, "hi" but I don't think she wanted to say "hi". She threw her diet coke at me. Thankfully, with my quick reflexes, I narrowly escaped having to take a bath. Mommy chased me around while I was obstinate and ignored her unhappy "Come here"s. The man and the other women with her were laughing. I think they were laughing at my Mommy's foolish attempt to catch me. Ahhh...the things I do for laughs.

Mommy tried apologizing for my unruly behavior, but I don't think they understand. Arabic might come in handy for her after all. I finally started to wear down and I got careless. Mommy caught me and threw me in the house while she finished her outdoor chores. Then I got put in my crate and she left. At least I got to run around for about 15 minutes AND she left Animal Planet on the TV for me.

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