Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mmm...Sweet Apples

Lately Mommy's been on a bit of a health food kick...well, I won't say lately because recently she's been caught eating spoonfuls of chocolate chip cookie dough or batter for cobbler. This is fine with me as long as she shares which, usually she'll let me eat off the spoon.

So anyway, for awhile our fridge was full of fruits and vegetables. Yuck, vegetables. But, she's got these apples that look and smell very tasty. Little did I know how good they really were!

I like them because they're sweet and juicy! Yes, I said I like them. That's right-she lets me eat them!
She won't let me eat the whole thing, which really bothers me, because I can just see me rolling it around the floor and biting out huge chunks. Mommy thinks I'll make a big mess, because as it is I'm already a sloppy apple eater.

She usually lets me eat the last few bites, but I really wish she wasn't so stingy and would let me eat more. I also know that when she throws away the apple there are many more bites left. Like the core...she really doesn't have to throw that away. Oh and, I'm sure those black things, what are they? Seeds? I'm sure they're very tasty! I think I will have to steal some and plant my own apple tree. I won't be sharing my apples with anyone. Well, maybe the pretty pug that lives across the street from me. I bet she's never had an apple.

Eating apples requires my full attention. Mmmmm....tasty....

Now, I just need to convince Mommy to buy more apples because recently I haven't seen any in the fridge (yes, I've been in the fridge, but that's another post for another day). Then, my goal is to convince her to give me a whole apple. What? They're healthy, it'd be better than giving me milkbones or treats for my kong several times a day....which she still doesn't do. Hmmm....looks like I'll have to work on that too..

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Pug in a Box

Every once in a while my parents buy stuff that arrives in huge boxes which they use to torment me.

First, they chase me with the box and because I'm scared of it-I run! Then, when that gets boring for them, I get put in the box.
This box was taller than me so it would have required a bit of effort on my part to jump out. Not to mention that they told me to "stay" and since I like to be obedient I stayed.

But, I'm thinking that I shouldn't have. I should have just jumped out of the box!

You know, I don't know what I do to deserve this....