Sunday, September 10, 2006

Well, this past week has been extremely boring for me. You know that lonely, empty feeling you get when you leave friends after you've spent a lot of time with them? Well, that happened to me.

I spent a week with four greyhounds. I had a lot of fun. We got to jump all over the furniture. We played "Don't touch the ground or else you drown." It was easy for me because I would jump on the couch, the end table, to the coffee table, to the sofa chair and back around again. The greyhounds can't do that very well. They'd always drown.

But anyway, I tried to look to my Mommy for entertainment and she ignored me a lot this week. She's out of school so she's been trying to catch up on laundry from vacation, cleaning, cooking and baking and doing other house chores she normally wouldn't get around to in a normal week. So, I've been left to entertain myself. I know she feels badly because on Monday she went out to do some grocery shopping and she came home with a huge rawhide bone for me!!

I love rawhide bones! I try to devour them everytime I get a new one. I get it so wet and milky that I get a "milk mustache" on the top of my nose. I'll just save it for later when my bone is all gone.

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