Monday, December 18, 2006

This Past Weekend (part 1)

My Mommy doesn't listen to me and I'm sure glad she doesn't, otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten that treat. You see, on Friday, since Daddy was out-of-town,Mommy and I left to go back to the country to visit our family. Oh, and Mommy went to a wedding too. Anyway, back to my story. I was really excited to leave. I was looking forward to playing with my Uncles and running around the four acre yard till my body ached or till I was too tired to stay awake(which neither will stop me).

We were already getting a late start. Mommy hoped to leave around 9:30 am., it didn't help that we went back to bed after Daddy left. Blah. We more or less got up around then. Mommy packed up the car, I jumped in and we pulled out of the apartment parking lot. Then, she turned the wrong way! I couldn't believe it! "Where do you think we're going?! You're supposed to go the other way!" I barked.

She pulled up to this big square beeping machine. She put a card in it, and pressed some buttons which beeped every time they were touched. It sounded like a space robot. Then it gave her some money and her card back and we drove off. And if earning money wasn't enough, she had to go spend it.

She drove up to another square box only this one talked instead of beeped. She spoke to a machine and the machine spoke back to her.Weird. Then we pulled up to the window and she got her coffee. Makes me wish I had a robot that would carry out my orders. I saw the lady in the window and I wanted her attention so I viciously barked at her. It worked, because she handed Mommy a nicely sized dog treat. Not to small and not to big. Mommy thought it was a nice distraction for me so she could get her coffee and change without me jumping all over her.

I guess we will now be forgoing our Starbucks for road trips and instead go to Caribou Coffee. Fine with me, I love treats.

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