Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dog Park Part 3

Here is another video of the my visit to the dog park!

Visit to the Dog Park Part 2

This is a video of my playing with Charlie and the boston terrior!

Evening at the Dog Park

Today was such clear, sunny and overall a beautiful day, such that it finally feels like spring! So to reward me for being locked in my crate all week and to enjoy the beautiful weather, Daddy, Mommy, and I went on a family outing-to the dog park!

We weren't really sure what to expect. The last time we went I was the only other dog for awhile and it was terribly muddy. This time there were lots of dog and people and no mud.

Since it had been awhile since I've been to the dog park, I decided I had to investigate the park before I made any friends. Mommy was quite taken with a shy, 6 month old beagle named Fonzy who hid behind her in order to be protected from the more active dogs. She liked how he would sidle up to her and press his nose against her leg. So she would kneel down on the ground and pet Fonzy, which is how I met Charlie.

Charlie, was a black cairn terrier(?) who decided he wanted some of the free love Mommy was giving Fonzy. He jumped on her knees nearly knocking her over. Charlie saw me sitting by Daddy's legs and challenged me to a run. I chased Charlie around the park and then paused by Daddy's legs again for a quick breather. At that point, Charlie decided to initiate our ill-matched friendship by jumping on my back to tell me who's boss.

The rest of my time at the park was spent trying to defend myself against Charlie and another larger poodle mix. Charlie would jump on my back while the poodle mix would bark at me. I'd whip around like a jedi knight and snarl back at Charlie but he seemed undeterred. I think he took on the form of Darth Vader.

I also met a boston terrier who I really liked, and tried to use him as excuse to get away from Charlie but that didn't work.

About an hour later, I laid on the ground with my tongue hanging out of my mouth. My tongue would roll in and out of my mouth with every inhale and exhale like a party favor blowout.
Daddy and Mommy decided it was time to go! I asked if we could get ice cream on the way home, but they said, "No."

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I was really looking forward to spending the rest of the week in the country at Grandpa and Grandma C's house. However, my goals and dreams of roaming the nearby farmland, investigating my grandparent's house, eating whatever I want to eat and most of all: no rules, was quickly shattered upon my arrival. I was greeted with, "Oscar, NO! Oscar, down! Oscar No!" by Grandpa. Then he tried to teach me to roll over! Roll over? First of all, where's my treat? I don't do tricks for nothing. Second, why must I roll over? What's the point? Next thing I know, I'll be trained to open and close doors and flush toilets! I'd rather go back to eating the crumbs under the kitchen table...if you don't mind. Although....I could have some fun with the whole opening and door closing "tricks"-I could scare Mommy at night! Third, where is Grandma? She spoils me!

I spent yesterday evening playing (or being tortured, depending on how you look at it) by my now 8-year-old, Uncle J. He gives me a lot of attention and likes to play for a really long time. He also thought he was a robber and threw himself on top of me so that I'd drag him across the room in order to "see what I would do if a robber came into the house." Well, I know what I would do if a robber came into my house, because it has happened before. It's a good thing I'm locked in my crate because it wouldn't be pretty. Athough, with me being a sycophant and outgoing, I'd probably just make a friend out of the unwanted intruder. Probably not, because I still want to tear the clothes off the guy who shattered my parents sense of security!


I am however, a dog that likes to have his space. I like to sleep, eat, sleep and eat more. Any attention and playtime that I receive is just an added bonus. However, because I am lazy, too much playtime may require a 24 hour deep, sleep.

I'm sure by the time my parents come home I'll be well worn out. After all, Uncle J said to my Mom, "I like playing with Oscar because he has the same amount of energy I have and we can play for a long time." Daddy will like this because it's just me and him next week and I'll want to sleep and we all know Daddy likes to sleep.

The next few days will be fun and I'm looking forward to tomorrow when Uncle J. wakes up and we play all day!

Friday, March 09, 2007

It's been a nice day today. I've been recuperating from getting all of my vaccines from my one-year wellness exam yesterday. They zapped all of my energy and I'm not feeling all that well so it's been nice just to sit on Mommy's lap and sleep all day.

This afternoon was such a sunny, warm day that we didn't want to stay inside, so I ran errands with Mommy. She promised to take me to the mall if I was good. We dropped off resumes at an advertising agency which resulted in two impromptu interviews. So, I had to sit in the car for almost an hour. I pretended like I didn't like that, but I ate an entire single paper towel. Yummy.

We stopped by the dry cleaners and then finally we went to the mall. We walked through Von Maur where I saw another pug and started barking at it. The pug barked back at me! Turns out it was just my reflection in the mirror....I also met two new women who worked there who lavished me with attention. One of them smelled like dogs and cats.

We ventured out to the center of the mall where there were so many different things to see and smell. I was overwhelmed with all of the people, the smell of coffee and the different textures underneath my feet. First there was carpet, then there were stone tiles and then carpet again. Scuff marks threw me off too. I can lick and lick and lick and those don't come off. I was really excited to spend my whole afternoon exploring and meeting new people!

Anyway, Mommy and I got kicked out of the mall. We passed a security guard, whom Mommy felt a little leery of anyway-even though we KNOW dogs are allowed in this mall. We kept walking, pretending like we didn't see each other. He went one way and we went the we thought.

We passed a few stores, when I decided it was time to go and by go I don't mean leave the mall or start running. I pooped right in front of Maternity Gap. Along came the security guard who told Mommy that we had to "leave for the rest of the day." I could tell Mommy wasn't too happy. Unfortunately, I eat a lot of the string off of my rope bones.....we'll leave the rest to your imagination. Now, I understand why Mommy was so adamant that I take care of all of my business BEFORE we left the house. If Mommy hadn't spent so much time at the ad agency maybe this wouldn't have happened.

I should have pooped on the security guard's shoe! That would have made being "kicked out" much more satisfying.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

It was Spring for a Day!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, such that I got to go to the dog park! This was the first time I've been back since last fall! I almost forgot what it was!

For awhile I was the only dog there, but then this pretty little blue heeler named Dakota came. We hit it off instantly, and chased each other around. I think she thought I was cute. However, our relationship cooled off just as quickly as we became friends. She was the loudest, most talkative and annoying female I've ever been around. After we chased each other around she just started barking at me! I didn't know what to do so I hid at Daddy and Mommy's feet. Then I realized that the only way to get her off my back was to bark back and chase her!

Then came Charlie.....she was a cute chocolate lab first. Awfully jumpy. She ran right into the dog park and jumped up onto Daddy's chest. Then she jumped up and kissed Mommy on her face. She didn't even see her coming. It was funny.

The next thing I know, I was being tag teamed by Charlie and Dakota-one on each side of me. They kept barking and barking and barking. Mommy said that's what I get for being the only boy at the dog park. yeesh! Charlie decided she wanted to play and so she kept chewing on my neck and nipping at me. Big dogs play differently than small dogs and so she kind of hurt me! I kept between Daddy and Mommy's legs, but Dakota and Charlie kept barking and chasing me. Then everyone decided it was time to take a break to calm everyone down. It didn't work.

Finally, Mommy picked me up and I let Charlie have it. I felt safe enough to smart off to her but I forgot she jumps...and jumps high!

I forgot to mention that the dog park was very, very muddy. It's been rainy and the snow is all melted. I had to get a bath when I went home! I had mud all over me, so did the parents! I think Mommy was dirtier than I was.
It's too hard to tell how dirty I am in this picture! I had to be washed and rinsed off twice! After the first bath the water was still dirty!
It's still hard to tell how dirty I am from this picture. My belly was completely covered in mud. Usually my belly is pink and not black. I also had mud caked in between my toes. I still think Mommy was dirtier than me, she had mud all over her sweatshirt, pants and her shoes! Oh well, mud is supposed to be good for your skin right?

I told Mommy not to take pictures of me in the bathtub, but she didn't listen to me. I look rather pathetic don't I?
After my bath, I laid on the couch with Daddy. It felt good to be clean and safe! I like my relaxing afternoons.

I was hoping we could go back to the dog park today, but it is snowing! Plus, I don't want another bath....