Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I've Got A Bug..

..or two..or three. Well, I have been itching and scratching myself a bit more often than I normally do, but not alarmingly too often. It's been this way since I came home from the dog sitter. I just assumed that I got into something that I shouldn't have. Which, knowing me, that is probably the case. Last week, I noticed about 3 bugs on me-all at different times. I didn't think anything of it, until Friday night a woman approached my Daddy when he took me out. She said her dog has fleas and they have been having problems with it for the last few months, but it didn't become a bigger problem until recently. Well, now my mom is paranoid and I keep having to take baths and get sprayed with this nasty pesticide stuff for dogs. The bugs that were crawling on me were too big to be fleas...So then, Mom did some research and became convinced that these were fleas so she called the vet. She was ready to go on an all out chemical war in our apartment. Thank goodness she called the vet. So, I may have a flea or two on my body, NOT a big deal. My next dose of Frontline Plus should be coming in the mail within the next day or two. Mommy spent 5 hours vacumming every square inch of our apartment and the furniture and washed every bit of laundry we own. I also got another flea bath and was sprayed down again. I haven't noticed any bugs on me since, nor have I been scratching as much.

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