Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oscar Party!

My parents have been very lazy lately. Well, at least just my Mother. She's the one who is supposed to update my blog, but she's been "too busy and uninspired." Look at this face, do you really think she can't be inspired? Yeah, that's what I thought too.....

Anyway, I'm upset with them because I heard something about an Oscar party on Sunday night! I was so excited because I thought I was going to have a party. I thought it was a party to watch me and I even thought it would be televised. I could have sworn that I heard "Let's watch Oscar on TV." But, I guess I was wrong. I really wish they would stop saying things like that. A dog can get the wrong idea and then be really disappointed and that's never a good thing. Apparently, there was no Oscar party and I certainly wasn't on TV....yet. I guess the Oscars are where celebrities put on their best clothes and get some sort of award. Hmm...I wonder if I should have put on my best clothes....

So Daddy was gone again. I wasn't too happy about it because Mommy said I had to be a man and protect her from all the night noises. I don't like those noises. But the real issue came when she said I had to be a man and to be a man meant I couldn't play with my blanket anymore! Real men don't play with their blankets? I don't want to stop playing with my's my primary sense of joy. I'm not sure if she knows what she is talking about. I think real men are those who play with their blankets, are proud of it and aren't afraid of what the humans or other dogs say. I still played with my blanket and I still barked at the strange noises that occurred in the night. I even barked at the dog in the mirror and chased him away! He's a real minute he's around and the next second, up close all I see is me and he has completely disappeared. But, he hasn't fooled me. I know he's around there somewhere. One of these days, I'll get him before he disappears!

Also, since I had to be a man, that meant I got to sleep on top of Daddy's pillow every night. This made it easier for me to hear strange noises and see strange shadows at the same time making it easier for me to pop up and start barking!

Monday, February 04, 2008

My Tennis Ball's Slow Death

I love playing with my tennis ball. I love chewing on it, I love chasing it, I love playing "tug" with it. I just love it.

The other day though, I noticed that there was something wrong with it. There is a nice slit all the way down my tennis ball. Apparently, it was like this for quite some time.

I've wondered why it doesn't seem to bounce anymore.

Mommy showed me the slit last week by holding the ball and squeezing it so the slit would open and close. At first I was scared of it because I thought the tennis ball was going to eat me.

I still play with my bright yellow ball, but now I mostly concentrate on tearing the ball apart.