Monday, June 12, 2006

My First Few Weeks

This is either me or one of my siblings at 4 weeks of age. I hope it's not me, this picture it too embarrassing. If it is me, I'm not too happy about being held, I just want to sleep. Actually, Mommy and Daddy probably woke me up to hold me. My breeder allowed Mommy and Daddy to come see me but there wasn't much to see. I was more interested in sleeping. But, see how small I am? Daddy can pretty much hold me in just one hand.

This second picture is from my first day with my new Mommy and Daddy. I was 6 weeks old when they brought me home and I weighed only 3 lbs. I wasn't much bigger than when I was 4 wks. old. That was a long day for me. I missed my brothers and sisters and my birth Mommy. But, it didn't take me long to adjust to my new home and family. I only cried for a little while the first night when I had to go to bed. But, I love my new Daddy and Mommy. Every day brings a new adventure and they give me so much love and attention.

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