Monday, June 12, 2006

Laying Around: Just like a puppy should

Today, I've been a quiet, relaxed puppy. Well, other than the the few times I tripped mommy. I got her to dump potatoes all over the counter and drop the serving spoon for the lamb roast on the floor. He he...Shortly after, I almost got her to dump mashed potatoes all over me. Yummy-what a feast that would have been!

Mommy has been recovering from having her wisdom teeth removed. Daddy and I are proud of her because she's healed well. On Friday, I knew something was up when Mommy and Daddy came home and Mommy had to be led to the bedroom. No one even stopped to say "hi" or let me out of my bed. :( But, late that afternoon mommy came downstairs with her pillow, an ice pack and gauze. I thought the gauze was for me so I kept trying to pull it out of her mouth. Mommy just looked so funny! I'm trying to behave for her since she's wasn't feeling well this weekend. I'd just curl up next to Mommy and sleep with her on the couch. I think it makes her feel better. Although, sometimes I'd get too hot sleeping next to Mommy underneath her big down blanket so I'd move to the end of the couch. I also get annoyed when I'm trying to sleep with Mommy or Daddy and they keep moving around (that's why I look annoyed in the picture above). Then I'll just get up and find a quiet spot away from them to sleep or I'll play with my toys.

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