Saturday, June 17, 2006

Cruella De Vill Forgot One

Last night I had way too much energy for an indoor dog, so Daddy and Mommy took me to the dog park. Unfortunately, there were no dogs in the small dog park. There appeared to be a few small dogs in the big dog park, so that's where we went-to the big dog park-you know, where I am the size of PREY! Needless to say, I didn't do a whole lot of playing. It more like a whole lot of hiding. There were Pit Bulls and Golden Retrievers and a few other strange looking dogs who kept trying to play with me. Shortly after we arrived, a dalmation puppy came to play. He was more of my size so I tried playing with him, but he was too shy. His name is Oreo. Mommy thinks that is the perfect name for him as he looked just like an oreo cream pie. His sister on the other hand, was anything but cute. I guess she was overprotective of her brother and had to make sure I was a suitable playmate first. She was a fullgrown Dalmation, and she kept stomping on me. I'd try to run away from her, but then she'd chase me and then other dogs would chase me. I finally got rid of her, but then she saw me in the middle of park all by myself. Mommy saw that she saw me and called me over to her and just as she picked me up, Maggie jumped up and nipped me. I squeeled even though I wasn't hurt, I was just really scared. Finally, a rat terrior (I guess a chihuaha and Jack Russel mix) came to play in the small dog park so we went back there. I really liked Jasmine, she's an older girl. We chased each other some, but for the most part she was pretty indifferent towards me. I tried everything to get her to play with me: I pawed at her, I sniffed her bum, I ran around in circles, I barked at her, all to no avail. She wanted to sniff the ground than play with me. I guess she was to mature to play with a pre-adolescent boy. It is such hard work getting a girl to play with me sometimes; I came home and slept for the rest of the night. At least I didn't have to baby-sit a yorky-poo(story another time).

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