Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mommy's Nightmare

Mommy has been smothering me with love all day today because of a bad dream she had last night. She dreamt she had to take me to the vet's office for an overnight, comprehensive and observatory physical only to receive a phone call saying that I had 12 weeks left to live. Apparently, there were a lot of things wrong with me, including cancer of the ear rings (not as in jewelry, but rings inside my ear). She dreamt she was sitting at a table sobbing with Daddy, her Mommy and Daddy, her new Mommy and Daddy, and two of her brothers. She didn't want to lose me and doesn't know what she would do if she did. While they were sitting at the table talking-rather while Mommy was crying, someone said something that did not make sense to her. She doesn't remember what they said, but it turned out it was a sick joke that everyone was playing with her. Mommy was glad to wake up from that dream. Apparently, Daddy also dreamed about me, however I saved his life from bad guys. What is it with humans and dreams? I'm just glad I dream about chasing squirrels and rabbits.

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