Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shower at the Dog Park!

This weekend, well rather the past two days, so far has been quite enjoyable. By this I mean, I got to go the dog park twice. In fact, I am rather tired from all the running around and excitement so this may be a short post.

Yesterday evening my parents took me to the dog park where another pug showed up. Mommy later found out that this pug's name is Angelo and his Daddy and my Mommy have tried to set up play-dates together since last Fall (even though they've only "met" through the pug club we no longer attend). I do not think there shall be any play-dates for the future because when I went up to say "hi" he lifted his leg and I took a shower in yellow water. I was very grossed out and didn't know what to do but slowly crouch and flatten back my ears. I thought I was in trouble as I think this was the worst form of "dominance." So, I walked to bench and hid underneath it till my faced stopped dripping which it didn't do for quite some time. I think I managed to finally dry off my face off of some poor clueless guy's shirt. In the meantime, I walked around the dog park in a daze, slowly lifting up my legs like a gaited buggy horse (only in disgust and not gleeful prancing) till I was sure this "yellow shower" was gone. Finally we went home and Mommy gave me a much needed bath with clear water. The only color water should ever be.

Today we went to the dog park in the country near our new apartment. This trip was fairly uneventful. I think the purpose of the trip was to train me on the agility course, but luckily another small dog snuck past my parents when they tried to close the gate behind them. Willie was his name. His owners came in too, but they didn't take him away. Mommy tried to make me jump over a fence and I succeeded, but I saw that Willie made a more suitable playmate, so instead we chased each other and wrestled around till his owners took him home. I was too tired to jump over fences and much too apprehensive to run through blue tunnels and jump through tires. Although, watching Mommy jump through the tire is fun because she doesn't do it right and ends up almost knocking herself over or tearing the tire out of its post. Luckily, I did not need a bath after this trip.

Mommy did bring along her brand new camera to take pictures, but she forgot. I think her energy was spent too much in trying to get me to jump through hoops.

Anyways, goodnight all, I am very tired and would very much like to resume my nap before I go to bed for the night.

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powder-puff said...

hi OSCAR!!!

nice to meet i am powder-puff the WUG!

WOW how exciting ive never been to a dog park before, i know its kinda pathetic, but now i really want to go!

feel free to drop by my blog sometime i would LUV to hear from you!!!

peace out