Friday, August 03, 2007

Mommy's Bad Luck!

Alert: Don't let Mommy touch your camera. She is bad luck. Her brand new camera, you know, the one she got 6-7 months ago, is broken now. This happens to be the 4th or 5th camera she's gone through in the past 3.5 years. Granted one camera was stolen (see our post from September 2006), and this one broke on its own. All of her other cameras broke due to her own negligence (i.e. dropping it 6 times or drowning it in hairspray).

She either likes to torture her cameras or is needing a new way to burn money. I think she does a good job of both.

This is what her pictures now look like:
There are horses and kids in there somewhere.

On Tuesday her camera worked. Wednesday morning her camera worked. And on Wednesday afternoon her camera developed a purple haze that covered the review screen. At first it didn't seem to affect her pictures much. By the end of the day it was clear the camera was broken. What is odd though, that depending on the angle and the lighting if the flash was off the pictures would turn out better. Other times if the flash was off it would not work either.

So here is the progression of how her pictures turned out. Yes, we know you don't care, but what else are we going to write about today? It is 94 degrees outside, humid and very sunny and....yeah, I thought that was more boring.

First, I want to say that Mommy is working at the state fair all week writing articles and taking pictures. Her camera plays a very integral part of her job duties.

Here we go:

Wednesday Morning 9:00 AM

Picture turned out as expected. Her camera never did take very good pictures at night or indoors regardless of what setting was used.

Wednesday around 12:30:

1:00 PM

1:15 PM

It really is a shame because there were some very beautiful Morgan horses there.

6:30 PM

So what does all of this mean, besides the fact that once again we have to get a new camera? It means that we'll have to be very conservative on the number of pictures we use for my blog. I will also have to be extremely creative in what I post. This time it might take us longer to replace the camera because Mommy has set her sight high on a more expensive camera (one that will actually take pictures indoors and not be too dark or get blurry when she uses the flash).

Let's just hope Mommy doesn't damage the camera her boss loaned her for work. Too bad the things she touches breaks instead of turning into gold; that would work better for our budget.


Scrappy and Pebbles said...

OMGosh how upsetting. Maybe the new camera should be insured!!

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Wow! What happened??? We hope that the camera can be fixed...

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Ah, man. That sucks! We have an ELPH and we like it pretty well. It takes good pictures and seems sturdy.