Saturday, August 25, 2007

A pug's greatest talents are his agility and quick reflexes. It is misfortunate for the pug without these things for there could be no enjoyment of life's little stolen treasures like marshmallows for instance.

I had no idea what these round white pillow treats were, but I could tell Mommy enjoyed them. I was hopeful that she would be kind enough to share these treats with me so I prepared myself by following close underneath her. I was awfully surprised when one fell from her hands and so I grabbed it and ran away with the treat. However, when she yelped and told me to drop it, I realized that it was her clumsiness that gave me the treat. She realized it was no use getting it back as I was already eating it and instead she went and grabbed her camera.
I dropped it, but only after I was sure that I was allowed to keep it. Since this was the first time I have ever come in contact with such a thing I had to investigate it. And trust me, getting this thing to fall out of my mouth was quite a chose as it stuck to the roof of my mouth.
My blanket, still left on the floor from a game Daddy and I played earlier, seemed like a safe place to eat. So I laid down on the blanket and chewed on my treat. I wasn't sure if it was a toy or food because it took me so long to eat it.

It stuck to the roof of my mouth. It was quite good though.
I finally started to get tired chewing on it. It was such hard work so I decided to close my eyes for a little while. I finally realized that closing my eyes was not helping as I began chewing less and started to feel even sleepier. So I stood up thinking that I would be able to put more force into my chew.
It worked somewhat as I was able to reduce the marshmallow to a smaller piece and then swallow it whole.

If it weren't for my quick reflexes and swift agility, I would probably not have experienced that awesome little fluffy piece of goodness as Mommy is quite stingy and doesn't share very often.

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