Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Playing with Five-Year Olds!

Last night, our next door neighbor's granddaughter E came over to play with me after my evening walk. At first she just came over to say "Hi" and Mommy and Me and E sat in the itchy grass and talked. After awhile, she asked if I had toys that we could play with. So all three of us walked in the house and got my Frisbee. We went back outside and Mommy took me off my leash. I don't usually venture too far away so it was OK. That is until I got bored with the Frisbee and decided to run across the street to see if the pretty Shih Stzu was out to play. I noticed her for the first time yesterday afternoon when I came back from my walk. I wanted to meet her, but Mommy wouldn't let me. I guess there will be another time.

Anyway, back to me and E. We learned never to trust a five-year-old's aim. That got me put back on my leash. She also brought over a huge bottle of bubbles and blew bubbles in the air for me to catch. That was fun until she started smacking my face with the bubble wand. I didn't mind though, she was young and I liked the taste of the bubble wand.

I hope she comes and plays again too. I don't usually get that kind of play-time here at the apartment.

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