Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Clara: The Early Years, by Margo Kauffman

This is an excerpt of a book Mom is reading right now..or at least trying to read. It's quite amusing, or at least for those who can't resist full of personality pugs! This is a true story of a woman who is on a journey to obtain Clara, a black purebred pug. Little did she realize that her new pug, Clara, would be the one to take her on a new journey through life. Margo Kauffman, already owns a few pugs, one named Sophie and one of the reasons for finding Clara.

Mommy feels that the following paragraph and really most of the book ( at least the few chapters that have been read) are written about me. Every time she reads this paragraph she laughs and then glares at me. This will probably not be the last excerpt from this book.


"Within weeks, Sophie tired of tormenting her feeble sisters and turned her energies toward subjugating me. It was like living with a fourteen-pound reincarnation of Mussolini. Every morning at six o'clock Pugolini woke me like the devil's alarm clock. First, her owl-like head would rise like a periscope over the mattress and she'd monitor my rapid eye movements and breathing patterns. When she determined that sleep had reached its deepest and most relaxing state, she sprang into action, emitting a warning yelp. If I failed to respond instantly, she tore the covers off with her teeth, rake her needle-sharp claws on whichever limb happened to be most handy, and serenaded me with a piercing aria of barks. Sophie never woke me for a pressing call of nature; oh, no, she did it for sport. "


Scrappy said...

hahahaha how true is that extract and it doesn't just pertain to pugs either but to little white doggies too I am afraid.

Tail wags

Cubby said...

Oh that is hilarious! A riot!

LMizzle said...

Oh man! I'm waiting for my bookstore to call me that they have it in!!!

Tim Coghill said...

I've read this book, and it is absolutely hysterical (...and so true. So very, very true.)

I began to understand my four-year-old pug much more after reading the book. It's almost a "how-to guide" or road map so that pug owners can understand their pooch's neuroses and weird, idiosyncratic behavior. :)

Anonymous said...

the name is Kaufman, with one f