Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mr. Foamy McBedpooper

Mommy's home and then she's not, and then she come back only to leave again later, then she come home AND then, she just sits on the couch with these huge books and totally ignores me! Then Daddy comes home and then plays with his new Wii, or watches football. Hello! What about me?!

I'm tired of being ignored, so very tired. I've barked till I couldn't bark anymore, I've whined till I can't make anymore sounds. I've cried till I've had no more tears. What can I do to get some attention around here?!

Well, I thought I discovered the secret to getting someone's attention. I figure if you can't get attention by being cute and well-behaved then maybe it'd be time to shake things up a bit. I mean, any type of attention is better than no attention. Right? WRONG!

So, when Daddy and Mommy were getting ready to climb into bed, I jumped up in the bed and let the ploppers out on their dry clean only comforter! hehe.. Daddy was so mad! I've never seen him so angry with me before. At that point I began wondering if it was such a good idea, so I went and hid in a corner....

"NO, BAD DOG, BAD, BAAAADDDDD DOOOG!" That was all I heard for a few minutes. When I escaped from my corner I went downstairs with Mommy to get some febreeze. I really must have stunk up the place. For the next couple of minutes I was sneezing country apple.

Let's just say it was not a pleasant evening for me. I still got to sleep in the big bed...with new blankets of course.

I think Daddy is still mad at me because he keeps calling me Mr. McBedpooper or Foamy McBedpooper. All I wanted was a little attention....I think though, I'll just keep to myself for the next few days.


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

They obviously don't realize you are a dog in pain, as many lonely dogs are. Perhaps you should share your pain next time. This is what I do - go up next to where they are sitting, focus now, reach up your paw and GRAB the soft underarm - pull down with your every time!

Bussie Kissies

Winston said...

Hey Oscar,
Yeah, there are certain things that even us cute puglets can't do. I tried the plopping on the bed a few weeks after my parents got my and, incidentally, it was also my Daddy that got furious. However, his reaction did lead to my immediate potty training. If you wan't you can live with me. My Daddy reads big books too but Mommy does not like video games. I spend long hours on her lap watching tv, playing fetch, and getting rubs. You could be my bestest buddy, I've been looking for a jester for some time.

The Grand Duke

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Oh boy Oscar! You should have asked first! I tryed the poop trick and my humans were so mad at me! It doesn't work... but you have to admit that it's funny to see the expression on their faces when they discover the poo in bed! Hihihi!!!

LMizzle said...

Hahahha! To funny! Zelda likes to sneak-poop on the living room rug when she doesn't get her way.