Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cold Weather Blues

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr......Mommy is so lazy and slow! I've yapped, "I need to update my blog, Mom. Type in the words for me," all day. But noooo.....she'd rather read about product management or how to use SPSS some sort of statistical database, query thing in her huge, thick gigantic books. I guess I'm low on the totem pole this quarter.

So here is this weeks wrap-up news: *there won't be any updated pictures to prove this because Mommy is too lazy to get off the couch right now to download my pictures*

This weekend was my Uncle J's birthday, he turned 8. I was lucky enough to get to go home and help celebrate. Although, it must be noted that my birthday will always be exactly one week earlier than his. ;) I gave him a double picture frame with a picture of me and him on one side and a picture of me moping in my birthday hat in the other side. They refused to share his birthday cakes with me.

Mommy also finished my new sweater. It didn't take her nearly as long to make it as she thought; it's not perfect but it turned out really well. It would probably help if I would just stand still so she can accurately measure me, but....that's not how I roll.

It also snowed again. And as a result, the humans have become lazy and moody. Actually, they've become lazier and moodier. Not like they became this way right after it snowed. I think Mommy is mad because OSU won't cancel classes unless it's -60 degrees F and yet ALL of the city and nearby suburb schools will cancel classes "due to the cold weather" when it's only 10 degrees F. Sorry about your luck Mom.

My only problem with the snow is that it burns my feet. Daddy and Mommy think it's funny and they'll laugh at me as I pick my foot up, shake it and delicately place it back on the snow to lift up another foot. Apparently, I really need full weight on all three feet. I prance around like an injured, intoxicated gazelle.

Well, I'm tired and cold and it's time to dig at Mommy till she lets me under the blanket. Good night 'all.


Suki said...

Hi Oscar,
Cool, I dig at the blanket till my Mommy lets me under, too! In fact, I love to dig. I scratch at her pants when she's at the computer till she puts me on her lap :)
Puggy kisses

Kara said...

Negative 60! You have our sympathies!!!!