Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Attention! Attention!

Alright, listen up everyone! This is muy importante! I was going to use today's blogging session to talk about New Years Resolutions and what-not. However, something else has come up-something much better.

My Mommy loves me so much and had to brag to the world about what a GREAT, CUTE and HANDSOME puppy I am. She was crazy enough to enter me in NBC's Dog Show USA, America's largest on-line dog show.

She submitted three photos of me in the "Cutest Dog" category. The deadline for the submission is tomorrow, Jan. 3 at 3:00pm. My photos have to await approval before they get posted. But once they get approved (why wouldn't they?), my pictures will be available and THEN, you can vote for me!

Vote for me please! My ratings are important....we think! If any of my other blogging buddies have submissions or are going to submit, I will vote for you IF you vote for me! See how this works? ;)

Vote for me here: Dog Show USA You can click on the links Dog Gallery and then click on the right-hand side-bar link: Cutest Dog and then search for my name Oscar: I'll be the pug, from Ohio!

Remember, judging ends at 3:00 pm. tomorrow, Jan. 3rd!



Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...


OOps, sorry for barking so loud!

I'll try again tomorrow.

Bussie Kissies

Scrappy said...

WoW you have my vote/s Pugs are my friends ;-)

You have been tagged read my blog to see what it entails

tail wags

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Count my vote, Oscar! You aren't on the site yet but will try later! Kisses!

Winston said...

Hey Oscar,
I MADE THE CUT!!! Please go and vote for me, I'll vote for you when you get posted.

The Grand Duke

Simba said...

Good luck. I think you're cute.

Simba xx

FleasGang said...

Good Luck Oscar :-)

Winston said...

I voted for you!!! Good Luck

The Grand Duke

Justin said...

Happy New Year to u! hey, I have a really gud news for u as I have arranged for a Dog Of The Week Contest! in my blog. Pls check out my blog for more details....

thank you.

Duke & Gidget said...

You got our vote pal. Good luck!