Monday, October 20, 2008


This past weekend we traveled to the country to visit the family. I was so excited. It's been a long time since I've played tug for six hours a day or had an opportunity to just run and run and run through the grass. Plus, I missed my Uncles and was looking forward to all the attention and play they would give me.

But something changed. This time, I ran into the house and barked and yapped and whimpered and everyone greeted me. This is going to be great! Or so I thought.

Not even ten minutes later I hear this high pitched cry. It was a weird shaped little human called a "baby". I'm not sure I like babies. They cry and cry and they're face get's really red and then all the humans in the house are like: "Oh, what's wrong?" "Maybe it needs it's diaper changed!" "NO, he's just tired." "I think he's hungry, maybe he needs fed." On and on and on they go.

What about me? I'm barking and whining too but nobody is paying any attention to me.

One time Mommy was holding this baby and my Uncle got down on the floor and started crawling towards the baby to play. I thought he was playing with me but I just got shoved away.

I got shoved away quite a bit. I eventually had a chance to sniff out the baby to see what he was all about. He smells a little funny but he is cute and makes funny noises.

I suppose I'll get used to it. But, I would have appreciated it if someone asked me if it was OK with me to have a baby in the house.

I miss the attention and the quiet! At least there is no baby in my house!


Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi Oscar, stick around - that baby might drop some yummy stuff on the floor!
hugs from texas,
sympathetic howie pee and family

nanette said...

Urgh. Babies have that effect on humans, it is so annoying. Just wait until it is old enough to eat people food and then see how bad it really gets! Guess who gets the last piece of bacon? Not you, that's who. Some toddler with greasy fingers that you're not even allowed to lick gets the last piece of bacon...even though it was given the very first piece! Babies - Stella Bella's arch nemesises...err nemisi...well whatever the plural for nemesis is, that is how Stella Bella sees babies.

nanette said...

Sorry I left the wrong signature link.

Clover said...

Oh Oscar, I am so sorry you got ignored and shoved away! I have never seen a real baby, but now I don't want to.
I hope your parents made it up to you at home!
Love Clover xo