Friday, October 17, 2008

Preferrably Naked!

This is a no shirt no shoes zone. Or at least that is how I'd prefer it. Now that the weather has cooled, the 'rents have rediscovered my clothing stash wherever it was hiding. It's been so long since I've worn a shirt that I now have to get used to it again. Apparently, we pugs are so fragile that we must be kept warm or else we'll die of hypothermia.


There is a reason we have fur and there is a reason why I prefer not to wear clothing. Why would anyone want to cover up my beautiful, soft brown fur? Forcing me to wear a sweater will only prevent the humans from petting me and making comments such as "Oh, he's so soft." It's a pugs crown of glory and I don't think it is right for humans to cover that up. I think they are jealous because they don't have much hair and skin is just ugly. They'd look super funny without clothes. So they need it. But, we don't. We're kept warm by our fur, it makes us beautiful and it's attractive to humans. Why else would they pet me all the time? You think they'd pet me all the time if I didn't have fur? That's what I thought.

Wearing clothing is not only stifling and method of control, but it's seriously dangerous! I had a great weekend with Mommy last weekend. We went to the dog park every day. I only got a bath once too. But, I digress. We came home one evening after visiting the dog park and after we got settled in for the evening, Mom decided that I should wear my Purdue tee-shirt. I was actually supposed to wear it to the dog park because that was the day of the big Purdue Vs. OSU game. How embarrassing! Does Mommy seriously think I want to wear a shirt in front of other dogs, much less Buckeye fans?! I don't think so!

Anyway, we started playing tug and chase and I ran through the bedroom chasing Mommy out of the room, when all of a sudden I was stuck. My legs were moving, but I wasn't. I ran too close to the dresser and one of the knobs caught on my shirt. It not only caught me and I was stuck, but it tore my shirt right down the middle. This could have been very dangerous. All I could do was just stand there till Mommy figured out what happened and loosen me from the evil grip of the dresser drawer. Luckily, it did not take her long. Although she was in the other room, she heard the rip. That's how loud it was.

So, I ask you: Should dogs be forced to wear clothing for the benefit of human's own pleasure and entertainment? We need to put a stop to this madness.

I urge you to write your congresspug and ask him to put a stop to this humiliating method of control!


Harry Pugalicious said...

My mom can't stop laughing at your story, but she still makes me wear clothes. I kinda like it 'cause it means I get to go somewhere.

Frances Louise said...

I totally agree with you . . . clothes are for humans and not gorgeous pugs like us!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Dear Congresspug:
STOP THE MADNESS. Please vote for the Puggy Nakedness Proposition Pee One One Two Four today. (see above blog as a shocking testimony in support of this important proposition).
Signed your supportive pal,

Clover said...

Hi Oscar,
I agree with you - we should not have to wear clothes for any reason!! But my mom makes me do it too. And Dad doesn't stop her...
Love Clover xo

Jeff said...

Sorry for your troubles Oscar, but I love my clothes (I'm using my Dad's blogger account though) and wouldn't go anywhere without them. I have to wear a bandanna or a shirt all the time. I'll even find it in the clean clothes and pull out what I want to wear. I love my clothes.