Thursday, November 06, 2008

46 Days Till Christmas

This post is dedicated to my cousin Emily. I get to meet her for the very first time this year at Christmas! I'm excited because I heard she is smart, feisty, and super fun. Emily has already read this blog and has requested more updates. So today, I'd like to write a post for her. So Emi, this is for you!

Socks: They're small and easy to flip around and they are smelly. This is why I love them and why I like to steal them out of the dirty laundry. The best time to do this is when Mommy is cleaning the bedroom after sorting laundry.

So that is what I did and went like this:

Mmmm...I love this sock. It's smelly and so chewable.

I better keep an eye out for Mom, just in case...

I promise I was NOT chewing on this sock. You missed one and I was just picking it up for you.

In the end, I never got in trouble. Mom thought it was cute and she gave me one of her old socks to keep.

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the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, we've never sampled socks, we must be missing out! We do love laundry time too though!

M & I