Friday, June 01, 2007

NYC Gifts!

When Mommy came home from NYC she couldn't help but bring me a little something special. She went to a little dog boutique called DoggyStyle, in SoHo and brought me back a present!

I didn't know that she brought me anything. One day she suddenly ran upstairs and came back with something wrapped in orange tissue paper. I knew though, once I saw the brightly colored package and the big grin on her face, I knew it was something special! She told me to sit but I had such a hard time doing so because my tail was wiggling so hard my rear end wouldn't stay still.

I finally was able to sit and shut my eyes! What is it?!

What if I opened them and didn't look at the package does that count?! Aaahhh, the suspense was killing me! Finally she opened her mouth to say the word but before she could even finish, I was already tearing into tissue paper.

It occurred to me after all eating several pieces of tissue paper that what if, this was it? All I got was tissue paper? Even if it was a joke, it wouldn't have mattered. My devoted readers should already know that I LOVE all things paper!

But then, after much sniffing and pawing, I discovered that the real treat laid inside the orange paper.
It was a cute blue, rope dog that had a little blue ribbon tied around it's neck. Mommy took the ribbon off though. I don't know what makes her think I would try to chew on that first.

After cutting of the silky ribbon, I decided I needed to run for cover. I jumped up on the couch next to Daddy and inspected my new toy. I just had to make sure that other dogs hadn't played with him first and I needed reassurance that he wasn't real!

I pretty much removed and digested well, we're not sure about the digested part, but the leg of the rope dog is or was sitting inside my tummy.

Mother went to another dog boutique in SoHo called For Pet's Only. The kind lady there gave Mommy a tulip petal dog biscuit with purple yogurt frosting on it for free and she gave her free shampoo and conditioner samples from Isle of Dog Canine Grooming System. She was even nice enough to give Mommy the shampoo and conditioner samples that were specifically formulated for my skin and fur type!

I love being spoiled!


Duke & Gidget said...

Cool toy Oscar! And we love how excited you look opening and playing with it!

~Pug Hugs~

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Very cool! You're in style now with fancy toys from NYC!