Monday, June 25, 2007

New Toys!

It was recently proved to be not a big deal to throw away my old toys. It was time for some new ones anyway.

Friday night, while Daddy was in NYC, Mommy and I went to Petco and bought new toys! We weren't very happy with the selection though. I think we were at the store for an hour. It wouldn't have been difficult choosing new toys if we didn't have such specific criteria to pick from. First the toys were too soft, too hard, too small, too big or too expensive. Then there were the inedible toys that would be quickly eaten by me.

Mommy would try to let me pick out my toys, which proved to be a chore. The next thing I knew I had a bone shaped tennis ball like toy shoved and waving around in my face. Yawn. I ignored her and walked off. Surely, she could do better than that, right? I walked away from the toy and went back to sniffing the aisle.

Finally, Mommy made friends with a woman in the store and left me a lone for awhile. She helped the woman pick out a halter for her dog and the woman helped Mommy pick out toys for me.

In the meantime, I told off a Mastiff and tried to defend myself from a Pit Bull that was intent upon eating me. He said so himself. Luckily, he went down the next aisle. Hopefully they were looking for a muzzle.

It was when the store announced over the speakers that it was time to close that Mommy settled on a tiny rubber wheel. Sigh. If only she hadn't wasted my time trying to see if I'd fit into any of those wimpy dog carrying bags. I'm not a chihuahua!

We walked through the toy aisle one last time. We stopped by the stuffed toys just to look at them. All of a sudden I hear the high pitched squeals of a monkey! I jumped up on Mommy and tried to grab the gorilla from her. "Can we get it? Can I have this one? Please, please, please?!" I barked.

I was pleased to see that when we made it to the check out counter it was still in her hands! I couldn't wait to go home and play with the gorilla.

I was so happy! Although, the people behind me in the line couldn't stop laughing at me. I don't know what their deal was.

However, Mommy is such a spoil sport and wouldn't let me play with my new toys till Daddy got home the next day.

Not caring that it was Saturday morning, I woke Mommy up at 7:00 and told her she had to get up. She sat up and I ran to the counter and waited for her to get the gorilla. I sat there and sat there, and sat there. What is she doing? I ran back to bed and found her asleep again. What is wrong with her? How come she isn't excited to play with the gorilla? Does she not know this is a matter of high importance?

I figured I wasn't going to get the toy without her, so I fell back asleep and waited for Daddy to get home.

Finally, I got my gorilla and my rubber wheel, but who cares about that.

Unfortunately, whenever I get new toys, I have to wait to play with them till Mommy gets done with her photo shoots.

This gorilla speaks to me and when he does, I like to grab him by the nose and flip him around. Sometimes, I throw him clear across the room. That's always fun.

I've also learned that the ear is always the Achilles heal of stuffed toys. If you chew off the ear, your toy is virtually destructible at that point. My goal is to get to the gorilla's voice box.

Mommy is amused when I eat the ear, because it looks like I'm sucking on it. But, I'm really not that much of a baby.


Ronin_The_Pug said...

New toys! New toys! Is such an exciting event when you see your human with a new toy just for you!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

New toys! Hooray! I can't believe you had to wait though. How painful!