Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Suspect

I got the warrant for Father's arrest from the DA (my Mother). However, when I went to the guest room to arrest him, I saw my Mother right there assisting him in his crimes. They were putting holes in the wall and then attaching rods to them. How could she? This whole time, Mother was on my side, helping me solve the case. I guess she was a mole, spying on my operations for Daddy while she wouldn't be suspected.

(We pretty much couldn't get in that room for awhile)
Today, they loaded all of the rest of our belongings onto a truck and brought them over to the scene of the crime. After all the boxes and furniture were unloaded, they locked me up in my crate and left me all alone in this strange place. I knew I shouldn't have let them know I was on to their heinous acts.

(I sure hope it doesn't stay like this long!)

They came back and unpacked all of the boxes and moved the furniture around. It was while they left me in my crate that I did some thinking. It occurred to me that they weren't giving our stuff away or stealing it, but that this was our new home. We moved.

I like our new place because I have more room to run around.

In light of recent events, I have decided to drop all charges. However, I will be pressing charges against Mommy for keeping me in the car when she went into Subway and didn't share. I will also be pressing charges against both Mommy and Daddy for locking me in my crate amongst mountains of boxes in a new place that I am unfamiliar with!

I think I might be stuck!

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Ronin_The_Pug said...

Heheheh! Finally you found out the truth! Little Oscar Detective!