Friday, March 09, 2007

It's been a nice day today. I've been recuperating from getting all of my vaccines from my one-year wellness exam yesterday. They zapped all of my energy and I'm not feeling all that well so it's been nice just to sit on Mommy's lap and sleep all day.

This afternoon was such a sunny, warm day that we didn't want to stay inside, so I ran errands with Mommy. She promised to take me to the mall if I was good. We dropped off resumes at an advertising agency which resulted in two impromptu interviews. So, I had to sit in the car for almost an hour. I pretended like I didn't like that, but I ate an entire single paper towel. Yummy.

We stopped by the dry cleaners and then finally we went to the mall. We walked through Von Maur where I saw another pug and started barking at it. The pug barked back at me! Turns out it was just my reflection in the mirror....I also met two new women who worked there who lavished me with attention. One of them smelled like dogs and cats.

We ventured out to the center of the mall where there were so many different things to see and smell. I was overwhelmed with all of the people, the smell of coffee and the different textures underneath my feet. First there was carpet, then there were stone tiles and then carpet again. Scuff marks threw me off too. I can lick and lick and lick and those don't come off. I was really excited to spend my whole afternoon exploring and meeting new people!

Anyway, Mommy and I got kicked out of the mall. We passed a security guard, whom Mommy felt a little leery of anyway-even though we KNOW dogs are allowed in this mall. We kept walking, pretending like we didn't see each other. He went one way and we went the we thought.

We passed a few stores, when I decided it was time to go and by go I don't mean leave the mall or start running. I pooped right in front of Maternity Gap. Along came the security guard who told Mommy that we had to "leave for the rest of the day." I could tell Mommy wasn't too happy. Unfortunately, I eat a lot of the string off of my rope bones.....we'll leave the rest to your imagination. Now, I understand why Mommy was so adamant that I take care of all of my business BEFORE we left the house. If Mommy hadn't spent so much time at the ad agency maybe this wouldn't have happened.

I should have pooped on the security guard's shoe! That would have made being "kicked out" much more satisfying.


Cubby said...

Well, you have to go sometime!

Pug Mommy said...

OMG! That is so funny. Why does the "string" thing always happen at the most unappropriate moments.

LMizzle said...

HAHAH, so funny. Winston likes to poop at Blockbuster.