Saturday, March 03, 2007

It was Spring for a Day!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, such that I got to go to the dog park! This was the first time I've been back since last fall! I almost forgot what it was!

For awhile I was the only dog there, but then this pretty little blue heeler named Dakota came. We hit it off instantly, and chased each other around. I think she thought I was cute. However, our relationship cooled off just as quickly as we became friends. She was the loudest, most talkative and annoying female I've ever been around. After we chased each other around she just started barking at me! I didn't know what to do so I hid at Daddy and Mommy's feet. Then I realized that the only way to get her off my back was to bark back and chase her!

Then came Charlie.....she was a cute chocolate lab first. Awfully jumpy. She ran right into the dog park and jumped up onto Daddy's chest. Then she jumped up and kissed Mommy on her face. She didn't even see her coming. It was funny.

The next thing I know, I was being tag teamed by Charlie and Dakota-one on each side of me. They kept barking and barking and barking. Mommy said that's what I get for being the only boy at the dog park. yeesh! Charlie decided she wanted to play and so she kept chewing on my neck and nipping at me. Big dogs play differently than small dogs and so she kind of hurt me! I kept between Daddy and Mommy's legs, but Dakota and Charlie kept barking and chasing me. Then everyone decided it was time to take a break to calm everyone down. It didn't work.

Finally, Mommy picked me up and I let Charlie have it. I felt safe enough to smart off to her but I forgot she jumps...and jumps high!

I forgot to mention that the dog park was very, very muddy. It's been rainy and the snow is all melted. I had to get a bath when I went home! I had mud all over me, so did the parents! I think Mommy was dirtier than I was.
It's too hard to tell how dirty I am in this picture! I had to be washed and rinsed off twice! After the first bath the water was still dirty!
It's still hard to tell how dirty I am from this picture. My belly was completely covered in mud. Usually my belly is pink and not black. I also had mud caked in between my toes. I still think Mommy was dirtier than me, she had mud all over her sweatshirt, pants and her shoes! Oh well, mud is supposed to be good for your skin right?

I told Mommy not to take pictures of me in the bathtub, but she didn't listen to me. I look rather pathetic don't I?
After my bath, I laid on the couch with Daddy. It felt good to be clean and safe! I like my relaxing afternoons.

I was hoping we could go back to the dog park today, but it is snowing! Plus, I don't want another bath....


Suki said...

You sure were dirty, Oscar! Sounds like you had a good time, though. Don't worry, winter can't last forever (can it?)
Puggy kisses xoxo

Duke & Gidget said...

Wow Oscar, judging by how dirty you were, you must have had a great time! We envy your fun day, but not your bathtime!

Pug Mommy said...

Sounds like you had a great day at the dog park. You sure must have been dirty to require 2 baths -- that is real talent.

Jasper said...

Bark Parks are so much fun....but the baths afterwards are not!!
I can sympathize!