Thursday, March 15, 2007

I was really looking forward to spending the rest of the week in the country at Grandpa and Grandma C's house. However, my goals and dreams of roaming the nearby farmland, investigating my grandparent's house, eating whatever I want to eat and most of all: no rules, was quickly shattered upon my arrival. I was greeted with, "Oscar, NO! Oscar, down! Oscar No!" by Grandpa. Then he tried to teach me to roll over! Roll over? First of all, where's my treat? I don't do tricks for nothing. Second, why must I roll over? What's the point? Next thing I know, I'll be trained to open and close doors and flush toilets! I'd rather go back to eating the crumbs under the kitchen table...if you don't mind. Although....I could have some fun with the whole opening and door closing "tricks"-I could scare Mommy at night! Third, where is Grandma? She spoils me!

I spent yesterday evening playing (or being tortured, depending on how you look at it) by my now 8-year-old, Uncle J. He gives me a lot of attention and likes to play for a really long time. He also thought he was a robber and threw himself on top of me so that I'd drag him across the room in order to "see what I would do if a robber came into the house." Well, I know what I would do if a robber came into my house, because it has happened before. It's a good thing I'm locked in my crate because it wouldn't be pretty. Athough, with me being a sycophant and outgoing, I'd probably just make a friend out of the unwanted intruder. Probably not, because I still want to tear the clothes off the guy who shattered my parents sense of security!


I am however, a dog that likes to have his space. I like to sleep, eat, sleep and eat more. Any attention and playtime that I receive is just an added bonus. However, because I am lazy, too much playtime may require a 24 hour deep, sleep.

I'm sure by the time my parents come home I'll be well worn out. After all, Uncle J said to my Mom, "I like playing with Oscar because he has the same amount of energy I have and we can play for a long time." Daddy will like this because it's just me and him next week and I'll want to sleep and we all know Daddy likes to sleep.

The next few days will be fun and I'm looking forward to tomorrow when Uncle J. wakes up and we play all day!


Peanut said...

Did you have lots of fun with your uncle J?

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Oh boy Oscar! I have to tell you that my human grandma does the same... "Give me your paw!" she says... Ya' right!

Pug Mommy said...

Oscar you look worn out! I'm sure you are having fun while your mommy is away but you will probably be ready for some peace and quiet when they get back! Good luck with Uncle J.

Jia said...

Oscar, it sounds like you need to learn how to train your humans. I'll give you some tips, mine don't have a thing on me. I have them right under my paw, where I want them!

- Willow