Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meet Mr. Pug

This post is an extension of the post I wrote about my weekend adventure. We left off on Sunday.

To recap: Friday: I went to a dog festival. Saturday: I went to a new a dog park and swam in the lake and played on the dog beach. Hahaha and I tormented a fat basset hound.


I went to PetSmart. I thought I was going to the hotel to see my friends and play with the other doggies. I was so excited. But, instead, I got a new toy which was a lot of fun too.

Meet Mr. Pug. His real name is "Sebastian," but I much prefer to call him Mr. Pug.

So far he has provided many hours of fun. First, I'm working on chewing his ears off.

It is proving to be quite difficult so I have to concentrate very hard. No distractions, please!

Turns out it is more difficult than I thought so I changed my objective to tearing his head off.

To do this, I'd take Mr. Pug to Mommy and while I growl I shove him into her hand. When she takes hold of Mr. Pug, I pull back very hard and shake my head back and forth.

Mommy did not like being an accomplice in these efforts.

So I had to work alone.

Which was very exhausting and so I fell asleep....

After awhile, I did end up making progress towards dismembering his tail, but Mommy didn't like that either.

You know, I just's been a awhile since I've seen Mr. Pug. He must be in hiding. I must go hunt him down.


Puddleglum said...

PSST-- I suggest looking in the humans' room. I bet he's hiding there.

Clover said...

Hey Oscar!
Mr. Pug looks like a fun buddy!!
Love Clover xo