Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Plot Thickens

Last night, Mother packed up random items in her car, put me on my leash and took me to this new apartment. I found the missing boxes and other items. Daddy was there. I guess they stole him and put him to work. When I got there, he was standing on plastic and coloring the wall. I was excited to see him. But before I could say "HI" I had to conduct my investigation.

Lacking a team of forensic scientists and investigators, I had no time to lose. I ran through all the rooms, Jack Bauer style, to make sure the rooms were secured and our stuff was there. Satisfied that no one was coming in or leaving, I began my closer investigation. I use the "Sniff technique" which I learned on a k-9 cop show on Animal Planet. Animal Planet is very useful for distance learning, by the way.

Mommy kept trying to get in my way by taking pictures and getting me to look at her. Which was both helpful and a distraction. The pictures are for the evidence file.

While, I looked for obscure evidence, I enlisted Mommy as my Chief Forensic Officer. I sent her to the bathroom and bedrooms with her chemicals and rags and had her inspect all the surfaces.

Meanwhile, Daddy kept coloring.

Hmmmm.....Items and boxes seem to disappear at the same time Daddy leaves and he was already at the crime scene and he was coloring on the wall.

Was he hiding evidence?!

I think we may have found our main suspect. I'll continue my investigation, but I may need a warrant.


Rickey Henderson said...

Ha! The article says it all!

LMizzle said...

Haha, I will be doing this to my pugs in a few months!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Great work Oscar!