Friday, February 23, 2007

Excitement: Too Much for Some People to Handle

Wow! I got in BIG trouble last night and it's all Mommy's fault! First, Mommy left me at home by myself in my crate all day while she was out doing whatever it is that she does. Second, when Mommy came home she did not give me ample time when I "went out." Third, she ignored me when I tried to tell her that I needed to "go out" because she was "so close to finishing her magazine article."

Then Daddy came home and I was soooo excited to see him. After he sat down on the futon next to Mommy's desk, I jumped up to see and I....I pottied on Daddy. I DIDN"T MEAN TOO! Daddy didn't believe me. He was very angry with me. Mommy realized that it was all her fault and tried to explain it to Daddy but he wouldn't have any of it. So then she started laughing at him. I didn't know what to do so I hid at the bottom of the stairs while they were upstairs.

I've never pottied on anyone else except for my Uncle M. That was an accident, but Mommy believed he probably deserved it in some way.

Anyways, we apologize for the lack of blogging over the past few weeks. Mommy is a full-time student with two internships and is very active in the Public Relations Student Society of America. She feels a bit overwhelmed right now, but at the end of next week we'll have plenty of time to blog! So keep checking back!


Ronin_The_Pug said...

Hey little Oscar! Don't you worry little guy! So you pooped on your Daddy, so what? I don’t know why humans get so angry just for that… It happens! :) Your mommy and daddy love you, it’s just that sometimes they are really tired… mine too after a long day at work. I’m sure they’ll forgive you for the little accident! Kisses!

Suki said...

Hey Oscar,
That's so funny! How much poop did you drop on him? Haha! Wait...was he wearing shorts? Cuz if he was, then that's even funnier! ;)
Puggy kisses xoxo