Friday, June 05, 2009

Sink or Swim?

Now that the weather is warming up and school is out for the summer, it leaves more time for planning cookouts, pool parties, vacations and everything in between. There will be, however, one activity in which I may not be participating.

Swimming! First off, I'm not a fan of water. This is proved whenever I take a bath. However, during a trip out to the country, I went swimming-that is, if that's what you call it- with my uncles and my Mom. Since then, my parents debate over whether I can actually swim.

This debate may never be solved as I won't allow myself to be put into a pool for an experimental swim. Imagine my delight then when I came across this video (although I feel terrible for this pug). Pug's can't swim....or can they? My disclaimer: This video is incredibly stupid. I haven't blogged in a long time and was compelled too after viewing the video.


Anonymous said...

Oh my eyes, they burn, why did it have to end with blazing white dude in speedo, arghhhh.

Ronin The Pug said...

Hey Oscar!!!! How are you?

Auch! That video hurt! :))))



Frances Louise said...

Mommy actually thought that video was hilarious! No accounting for taste, eh?

Good to know you are doing ok!

kimberly said...

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Anonymous said...

Swimming is good exercise, especially for dogs with joint problems -- it works the muscles without putting stress on the bones. Don't write it off!
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Anonymous said...

Wow. And I thought my mistress looked funny without her clothes (fake fur).

I have some experience in this area. While I thought I would love to swim & like to be held in the water by my mommy when it is hot, I now realize pugs are not made for swimming. Our bodies are just too big & our legs too short. It really isn't safe or fun.

I love hearing about your adventures & sort of wish you still blogged. But I'm sure you are on to bigger & better ventures.