Monday, June 09, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Part Two

Well I know I promised pictures and have yet to put them up. The photos below are from Memorial Day Weekend when I spent the afternoon outside with my Uncle J and my Mommy.

Here I am exploring the countryside and seeing how far I can test my boundaries. My boundaries are often limited by my mother who doesn't seem to recognize that outside I am a King.

Below are photos of me ruling my kingdom.

Mommy did not like it when I tried to cross the street. Not only that, she wouldn't let me go in the corn fields either. So I guess my kingdom only really extends to the cornfields and the street, but still that's like 4.5 acres which is more than what most indoor pugs get.

My Uncle J found me a stick. BTW, I am now older than him in human years despite the fact that I'm only 2.5 years-old in dog years. This stick had a lot of flaky bark which I then tried to eat. Yummy! Thanks Uncle J!

Though, Mommy did not like me eating the bark either. So when she came near me-I ran. I'm basically a cheetah, but you can't tell in this picture. You can see my rippling muscles.

OKAY! Fine! You can see my rippling skin rolls.

When I tired of running, I laid in the cool grass.

I tried hiding the fact that I still had my stick and I was eating it.

Oh hi there, Mom! I don't have anything!

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Clover said...

Hi Oscar!
Great pictures from your outdoor fun-time. I am not allowed to cross the street or go too far away either!
My favourite picture is your cheetah one!
Love Clover xo