Monday, July 23, 2007

Adventures at Geese Pond

Usually in the evenings, when the weather is cool enough, Mother and I will take a walk after she comes home from work. I always look forward to our walks because I never know what adventures may occur.

On days when Mommy is slow or needs a reminder that it is time for our walk I will bark at her, stick my head on the box where my leash and halter are stored and then run to the back door and impatiently wait for her to get-a-clue! Sometimes it takes her awhile. Sometimes, no amount of barking, running towards the door, or tugging at my leash can get her to realize that "OH! It's time to take a walk." I think it's laziness and that she does it on purpose. She'll have to learn the hard way some day.

There are so many things to do and see while we walk. Once outside we see 'tweens on skateboards, joggers, families out walking with their kids and stroller, dogs walking their owners, and geese. Oh, the geese!

Our walks take us around a pond that we have dubbed geese pond for the geese are everywhere. They pretty much think they own the place. We can't usually walk on the sidewalk that lines the pond. We have to take the long way around the pond and walk on the road. If you don't take the road, you'll come in contact with a dangerous barricade of geese and the ground is coated in a layer of green goose pooh.

The geese are quite funny. They think they're so tough, but when I chase them they waddle for lives down into the pond. HA! As if the water will actually save them. One of these days I will go in there after them. Then we'll see who is hissing at me! When I walk up to them, they spread their wings, stretch their necks out of their fat round bodies, and then, of all things, they stick their tongues out at me. Usually, when the tongue is out they're hissing like cats. I think they're a little confused, but whatever they're trying to do it doesn't look pretty.

Once we are out of geese pond and geese territory-which is pretty much the entire apartment complex-we come across this little guy.

I don't like him although I do feel sorry for him. The first time we walked by him he begged me to help him escape. I couldn't get Mommy to comply. I don't know why he has to be chained up outside all the time. He is always barking at me and threatening me everytime we go by him now. I don't think he likes me now that I wouldn't help him escape, but like I'm going to help him escape when he keeps verbally attacking me. I am really confused by this dog and I think that is why I don't like him.

Well, that is pretty much my walk. The rest gets boring, I am not allowed to play with the skateboarders, chase baby strollers or run after other dogs. I've tried, but I'm kept on a pretty tight leash. Literally.


Cubby said...

Mom says geese are scary. I've only met a hawk, and he scratched my nose. I'm not so sure about birds...

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